Jackbooted thug with badge kills another unarmed member of an innocent family

If you are like me you consider your dog part of the family.  It seems more and more that certain police officers view them as target practice.

In Salt Lake City, hundreds of people have protested in from of the SLPD against the summary execution of lovable Geist the Weimaraner.

You might be saying to yourself that perhaps we here at Bullets First are getting too soft hearted and cannot accept that a dog had to be shot.  That’s not the case here.  Geist wasn’t a roving dog attacking children, not a trained fighter who would snap at anyone, not a rabid monster.

No, Geist was a lovable family pet whose only “crime” was being in his fenced in and locked yard.

It was there in his fenced in backyard that the gray Weimaraner was was shot dead by a police officer who was searching for a missing boy.

Police said the dog was shot after he approached the officer in an “aggressive manner.”

The boy was later found sleeping in his home.

Let me dissect all that FAIL in that above three sentences.

First, at no point do I hear anything even coming CLOSE to probably cause that would allow a police officer to trespass on someones private property.  He didn’t hear any boy cry out, didn’t notice anything that could have given him the slightest inkling that trespassing would have gained him anything in finding the boy.

Secondly, the dog approached the officer in an “aggressive manner.”  To me that sounds about as truthful as when a cop shoots an unarmed man and says he was going for a gun…that never existed.  The aggressive manner was probably Geist coming over to see what was going on…it tears at my heart to imagine that Geist was wagging his tail as the cold blooded murderer laughed while finally getting a chance to kill something.

Thirdly, THE BOY WAS FOUND SLEEPING IN HIS HOME.  That is some crack detective work there Salt Lake Police Officers.  Did no one think to…I don’t know…CHECK THE HOUSE, before they went on their dog slaughtering ways.

Of course this is all compounded by the flippant and disdainful way the police have responded to the incident.

Sgt. Joseph Cyr stated in regards to the canine killer “We entered the yard looking for a lost child.  He was threatened by the dog and shot the dog. That’s as simple as it gets.”

I knew a women with an irrational fear of dogs…does that mean she can go ahead and start murdering them at will…because she feels threatened by them all…regardless of any danger.

The dogs owner, Sean Kendall, in response to Sgt Cyr’s cavalier tone responded:

“So I get to bury my dog because an officer couldn’t back up and close the f—— gate.”

These are the types of situations where a police officer needs to be fired.  The unnamed officer is guilty of one of two things.  Either he has an itchy trigger finger and likes to kill things OR he doesn’t have the nerve to respond according to a situation at which point any person who finds themselves on the wrong side of his gun may be shot on sight for no reason than the appearance of a threat…or rather the irrational perception of a dysfunctional police officer.

But by all means…let’s continue to militarize our police departments while disarming the populace…because Bob Barker’s spaying and neutering is not controlling the pet population enough for the Government’s liking.



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