The War On Women Hunters

As if guns and hunting weren’t bad enough for rabid liberal zealots, they could at least wrap themselves in the false notion that both were the past times of old white guys.  But whenever you ruffle the cocoon of idiocy that progressives like to hide in be ready for the most hate filled, irrational vitriol you can imagine.  Progressives can spew that stuff as easy as breathing.

As many have reported, a cheerleader from Texas has been demonized and threatened because she went on safari and bagged some big game.  Kendall Jones has had to face the full force of “liberal acceptance” by having death threats sent to her and having liberal scumbag and congressional candidate Mike Dickinson offer her ex boyfriends $100K for nude photos of her.

Looks like the “War on Women” comes from the left.  Because if you, as a women, don’t walk lockstep with the left they will literally try to ruin or end your life.

Of course, this isn’t just reserved for these United States.  17 year old Belgian model has had her life turned upside down and her career threatened when she too posted the following picture and post on facebook:



In the spirit of the World Cup Ms. Despiegelaere was offering a little trash talk to us Yanks and I took it in good fun but of course the Europeans when practically bat shit crazy about it and created such an uproar that L’Oreal cowardly decided to cut Axelle’s contract over the matter.

Then again, L’Oreal is a French company…what do you expect from the French when it comes to controversy, of course they just folded.

What exactly did Axelle do wrong?  Was she poaching the animals in Africa?  No.  Did she wound it first and then slowly torture it until it finally bleeted for death?  No.  The only sin she committed was the same one that Kendall Jones did…she dared to be an attractive blonde female hunter.  And in the progressive’s world of “you can do as you please so long as you do as we say” there is little room for such freedom.

Kendall Jones gets death threats and intimidation, Axelle Despiegelaere get’s fired from her job along with the vitriol of gun and hunting hating euros.

The saddest thing is the Axelle doesn’t even understand WHY there was such a hate filled backlash.

She has such a sweet and innocent heart that she thinks that she offended Americans by saying she was ready to hunt them (in a metaphor about the World Cup).

On her Facebook Page Axelle posted:

“Hi, I didn’t mean to offend anyone … it was a joke. Thanks for understanding.”

We weren’t offended Axelle, unfortunately too many mentally unsound militantly vegan gun haters can not allow you to thrive in this world.   Because if they don’t keep up the war on women the rise of women hunters and gun owners will only increase faster and they would rather destroy as many women as it takes than to allow that to happen.

I hope that both Jones and Despiegelaere have positive things come their way because facing down the irrational hate of small and petty progressives is not an enjoyable experience.

To them both: I hope you do not give up their pastime.  You can’t let the Progressive Terrorists win.

Happy Hunting Ladies.


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