My “Violence Interrupter” is the gun on my hip

Leave it to New York City to once again have its head so far up its fourth point of contact that any crappy idea smells like roses to them.

Mayor DeBlasio, taking over right where Bloomberg left off with crackpot ideas is spending nearly $13 million of taxpayer money on a “Gun Crisis Management System.”

According to our friends at Liberty Unyielding:

A key facet of the Mayor’s plan, backed by the City Council, are so-called “violence interrupters.” These interrupters will be seeded in high-crime police precincts to disrupt street crime before it reaches the point of a gun muzzle. This comes as the administration’s response to a 12 percent uptick in shootings this year in the City that Never Sleeps.

The plan is based on the Cure Violence model, which is designed to treat gun violence as a health care issue. The cure proposed is to identify those likely to be involved in gun violence and have a peer intervene before things get out of hand. Targeting 14 of the highest crime areas of the five boroughs, 2-3 specially trained violence interrupters will be sent into each of the police precincts to help defuse crime before it happens.

You can read the rest here: Liberty Unyielding

There is so much fail involved in this notion that I’m not sure where to start.  Firstly, the moment gun controllers can start to freely equate gun violence to a health care issue is the moment that doctors will have a “moral authority” to start asking patients about their guns.

And as we find ourselves quickly descending into a Nationalized  Socialist Health Care System known as Obamacare, who knows what information will be pressed out of us in order to seek medical treatment.

Next, gun ownership is all but illegal in New York City.  How exactly do criminals have these guns?  Oh yeah, that’s right, gun control only disarms and victimizes the law abiding.  I’ve no doubt that a law abiding citizen would much rather interrupt the violence being done to them immediately with the deterrent of a firearm than not.

Lastly, who are these “violence interrupters?”  They’re former gang members, now on the taxpayers dime, who are going to “interrupt” the violence because apparently Mayor DeBlasio has perfected his Pre-crime division a la the movie Minority Report.

Now, these former gangbangers may have the best of intentions, or they may just be in it for a payday but from what I know about gang lifestyle, it is blood in, blood out.  It’s one thing to have former gang members preaching in juvie for kids to straighten up, or going into prison and showing members that there is another way or to do community outreach and stop kids from joining gangs.

But if you are going to send these “interrupters” unarmed into hot zones were violence is imminent and hardened gang members are going to view these “reformed gang members” as traitors, Mayor DeBlasio, you may as well get the body bags ready.

If DeBlasio or city council actually gave a damn about the citizens of Gotham they would rescind the draconian gun laws that are making victims out of law abiding citizens.  Let the good people of New York City carry their own violence interrupters on their hips so that when the moment actually is upon them they can do something other than wait to die.

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