First they come for our guns…then our bacon

This country’s government was formed with the notion that the minority must be protected.  How then have we devolved so much that when a single crybaby gets their  panties in a bunch rights begin getting stripped from everyone else?

What has me so worked up?  Oddly enough it isn’t the gun grabbing zealots this time that try to deny a fundamental right because THEY don’t like it.

No, this time it is someone who took that same mentality and forced a local restaurant to remove a sign it was allowed to place in a median because that restaurant PAID a donation for its upkeep.

The Sneakers Bistro got its pick of a sign to stake into a prime traffic median along Winooski’s Main Street after dolling up the bed with annual flowers for the city of Winooski’s “Operation Bloom” volunteer program.

What was so offensive about Sneakers Bistro’s sign?

It had the word BACON in it.  Here’s what it looked like:


I think the sign is funny and appropriate given the location.

But leave it to one curmudgeon to make a holy war out of it.

In this case, a local Muslim woman flew into a fit of rage that a sign DARE say bacon because SHE doesn’t eat pork.  She claimed that, as a vegan Muslim, she was personally offended by the sign and that it was insensitive to other people who don’t eat pork.

I must have missed something…at what point was Sneakers Bistro shanghai-ing people and forcing bacon and pork products down their gullets?

The fact that this intolerant bacon hater is so hyper-sensitive that she can’t even SEE the word bacon without being personally offended is pathetic.

The fact that she rallied people on the internet to verbally attack and bash the restaurant is typical.  Just to remind you, she is a Muslim VEGAN…how often is she and her cabal actually going to eat at a place that serves bacon sandwiches?

I bet the spit would hit the fan if the sign showed an image of the Prophet Mohammad sucking down strips of grisly bacon…to which I could understand the outrage.  But just the mention of the word bacon?  Does this woman go grocery shopping?  Does she boycott all markets that sell pork?  Has she issued a fatwa against Porky Pig?

Unfortunately this isn’t even the most ridiculous part of the story.  The most ridiculous part is that the owners of Sneakers Bistro contacted this woman to apologize to her and they took down the sign.  The sign by the way was up for about 2 months; I guess the outrage had to stir for a while before she started her jihad against all things bacon-y.

From the owners Facebook page:

We are here to serve people breakfast, not politics.  We removed the sign that was located on public property as a gesture of respect for our diverse community.”

A gesture of respect?  Where was her gesture of respect by not being an intolerant twit in regards to your sign?  Will Sneakers now remove ALL visible advertising signs?  Will they block out the front window so this woman doesn’t have to be offended by looking in and seeing other people eat bacon?

What the owners of Sneakers did was cowardly.  They donated for the upkeep of the median, they were allowed to put up a sign to advertise and no sane person would take that sign to be an attack on anyone.  I even asked a friend of mine who is vegan if he found it offensive.  He actually thought it clever and got a chuckle out of it.

And there are those in the Winooski community who agree with me such as Caleb Wiley who said:

“I respect her religion and her right to believe what she wants but I’m pretty sure the First Amendment extends to bacon and the selling of it.”

But in liberal Obamanation America, Constitutional Rights mean little if you are offended.   Let’s just rip up that old document…it’s outdated.  People are being offended by bacon for Pete’s sake!!

[Editor’s note: Unless you are a Christian, then it’s a no hold’s barred on offending and discriminating against you]

This is what happens when we let things begin to slide.  We don’t stick to our guns (sometimes literally), we let the Political Correctness mob make the rules, we kow tow in order to please everyone and we have indulged the thin skinned and hyper sensitive to think that just because they don’t like something it MUST be changed to suit them.

The coddling of America will be its undoing because the day will come when no one can say or do anything because it will offend someone else.

Enough of this woman’s petty bickering and pork jihad.

I’m going to eat a bacon sandwich in protest.



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