When you go shooting, don’t forget the sunscreen…seriously

As gun owners, sportsmen, hunters and the like, we often spend a great deal of time outdoors under the harsh glare of the sun, be it shooting at an outdoor range, hunting or just getting in tune with nature.  Too often we have taken for granted the effects that nature, namely the sun, has on our skin.  This is partly true because we believe what are eyes tell us.

If we don’t see dark moles, if we don’t see sunburn, if we don’t see freckles then we assume we aren’t getting too much sun and therefore we are safe.

I admit that I myself have fallen into this belief.

But like many outdoorsmen, shooters etc. I spend a great deal of time in the sun and have finally realized that it is the damage that you DON’T see that is the most serious.

Below is a short, three minute video that reveals what “normal looking” skin actually looks like when filtered through ultraviolet light.  It allows people to see what the damage their skin is going through that is otherwise invisible to naked eye.

It’s pretty shocking, so take a couple of minutes and give it a look.

To be honest, some of those people looked like monsters with the UV filter.

So even though summer is just about winding up, the sun is around all the time so when you go out to shoot or hunt or do any outdoorsmen like activities…don’t forget the sunscreen.

And pass it along.



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