Cops are now stealing their OWN guns

Far too often you hear cases about law abiding citizens having their guns confiscated by police officers never to have them returned.  While this appears to happen in mostly anti gun states like California the idea that shady characters can act with impunity behind a badge effects all 50 states.

Let us not forget to point out with healthy skepticism, the notion that police officers who run the gun control scheme of “gun buybacks” are really going to let a $10,000 gun or rifle go to the smelter.  No, they are going to hand the schmuck who is pawning ol grampa’s WWII memento for a $25 gift certificate to Bed Bath and Beyond while the officer (or dept) is adding that same rifle to his own personal collection, if he doesn’t sell it outright.

So it comes at NO surprise to me that according to the Pentagon, police officers are stealing the firearms that are being supplied to them by the Defense Department.

Let me start by saying that I am against a program that militarizes local police, ESPECIALLY in places where the average citizen is all but disarmed.  Sets a bad precedent as well as allowing crooked cops to leverage their firepower into personal fiefdoms.

Putting that aside, cream isn’t the only thing that rises to the top…so does scum.  And in scores of Police departments around the country officers have stolen the military grade weaponry either for their own collection or to sell illegally in order to get a bonus payday.

Huntington Beach California for instance received 23 M-16 rifles.  Those aren’t AR-15 rifles, those are actually military, select fire, M-16’s and they are “missing” one.  Now, unless some Catwoman like super villain could somehow waltz into their armory and ensconced a rifle in their pocket as they walked out I wonder WHO could have taken it.

Huntington Beach Police Department Lt. Mitchell O’Brien tried to both assure that it was not stolen by some citizen but also offered some tepid defense that it may have been melted down.

“Probably, [it was] one of those things where we used it for parts and the spare parts probably got discarded at some point — but again, it’s inconclusive.  But we are pretty confident nobody got into our armory and took it.  Bottom line is the gun is not here and we were suspended from the program”

Well i’m glad he’s PRETTY CONFIDENT that nobody got into their armory and took it.  But from his wording he is referring to a break-in…not somebody who had a key.

Huntington Beach is not alone.  The 1033 program of the Pentagon that gives surplus military weapons to local police departments have suspended 145 local departments from the program so far for “lost” weapons.

The Daytona Beach Police Department was suspended after reporting a lost M-16 in January.

“We still have not been able to find it,” Daytona Beach Police spokesman Jimmie Flynt told Cox.

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office was banned after someone stole a rifle from an employee’s personal vehicle.

“If I knew where it was, I’d go get it,” Undersheriff Jean Donaldson told Cox. “It’s equipment we can obtain at no cost to our budget, so the taxpayers don’t get taxed twice.”  I’m not really sure what taxes have to do with it but it sounds like someone boss is running for re-election.

In Arkansas, three departments have been suspended for losing the military weapons.  The response from James Ray who oversees the 1033 program was…interesting:

“…if we don’t know where they are then hopefully we can get them back. I mean they’ve been reported stolen by the law enforcement agencies….”


Anyways, the list goes on and on.

Now, either there are nearly 150 police departments around the country that are run by Barney Fife and the Keystone Cops or the more likely scenario is taking place and cops are stealing their own weapons.

Here’s some food for thought as well.  Imagine if YOU “lost” a weapon and gave the authorities the same lame excuses these police departments are offering up.

Do you think they would be as understanding and forgiving for you as they seem to be for each other?

Yeah…me neither.

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