Armed Widow Fights Off Home Invader

Gun Controllers are inherently sexist.  They would prefer that women remained unarmed and hide themselves behind big strong men, or police officers or just, in the gun grabbers twisted mind take the “moral highground” and get beaten and raped because that’s better than shooting someone.

Fortunately for 47 year old widow Cynthia of Phoenix, she doesn’t ascribe to the Brady Campaign’s mindset in this regard.

Cynthia’s late husband had taught her how to shoot and to defend herself, so that when the day came she had the ability to do more than just cower and hope.

That day came earlier this year in May when Cynthia hear someone breaking into her house.  She retrieved her gun, locked herself in the bathroom and called 911.

Below is the audio of the situation.

(it repeats itself so it’s only about 6.5 minutes long)

A few things to take from that.  First, she called for the police at the BEGINNING of that video.  Regardless of how often the 911 dispatcher said “they’re coming as fast as they can”  it still took 6 and a half minutes for them to get there.  Scum bag burglar Michael Lewis had gotten to her and started beating her at about the 2 and half minute mark.  That is a good 4 minutes of her being murdered and him getting away before the police showed up.

That is of course, if she WASN’T armed and ready to defend herself.  Lucky for her she lives in Phoenix and not Brooklyn where people like Bloomberg, Cuomo and DeBlasio would prefer she be murdered.

Also, I love how the courage and bravado just evaporates from this guy after he gets shot.  He’s the one begging and hoping that he doesn’t get shot as he whimpers “what did you do?” She shot your burglarizing and women beating ass, that’s what!

Not only did she have the commitment to defend herself but Cynthia also had the presence of mind to keep Lewis still so he couldn’t try anything and then just punched wholes right through his nonsense about him thinking it was an abandoned house.  The most ridiculous part was when he asked her why she didn’t answer the front door when he was trying to knock it down.

One again proving that criminals are stupid and cowards.  But it takes a gun in the hand of a would be victim to bring those traits out.

And remember, this would be a much sadder story if people like Michael Bloomberg had their way.  


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