If Tim Tebow Was Gay, Maybe the NFL Would Force a Team to Give HIM a Job

Michael Sam, the under-qualified, undersized, slow, weak, mediocre player from the University of Missouri got drafted because he was gay.  He was cut from the St. Louis Rams because he wasn’t good enough.

The NFL couldn’t have that so they went around the league begging teams to take him on their practice squad.

Jerry Jones eventually figured he could make a couple of bucks on jersey sales and took him on, also figuring that the league now owed him a favor.

Before I go any further, let’s get to Sam’s qualifications first, just so you don’t think this is some subjective viewing.

Michael Sam runs a slow 4.91 forty yard dash.

Michael Sam can only bench press 225 lbs 17 times.

Michael Sam runs the three cone drill in an interminable 7.8 seconds.

Michael Sam SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year is misleading.  He recorded 11.5 with sacks which appear good but when you realize that 9 of those sacks came in 3 games against chump opponents (Arkansas State of the Sun Belt Conference, Vanderbilt 4-4 in Conference Play, and Florida with an overall team record of 4-8).  He also had tackles that resulted in 19 yards of loss for his opponents.  9 of those yards came from those very same teams.

So outside of padding his resume on chump competition, if we remove those three games, over the 11 other games he had 2.5 sacks and only 10 tackles for losses.  

Once you actually take a look at the numbers you realize that is stats were inflated on sub par opponents.

Let’s get back to those Combine Numbers and put those in perspective too.

Michael Sam’s 4.91 for a defensive end is SLOW.  Of the 28 Defensive Ends who ran it, Sam was 22nd.

You may say that Defensives ends don’t need that much speed, they won’t be covering wide receivers after all.  Sure.  But what they DO need is quickness.  That is what the 3 cone drill is for.

NO DEFENSIVE END was slower than Michael Sam.  His 7.8 second 3 cone drill might as well have just had him standing still.  Combined with his 40 time he is slow delinquent in both speed AND quickness.

And don’t think about him knocking down passes, he also had the LOWEST vertical jump.

As for overpowering his blockers, Michael Sam is WEAK.  He only bench pressed 225lbs 17 times.  To put that in perspective, when I played football in college I was 70 lbs lighter than Sam and could put up 225 for 15 reps.

Only one DE did less reps than Sam.

Doesn’t run fast, isn’t quick, can’t jump and is weak.

BUT AT LEAST HE’S GAY…so of course he get’s drafted.

Now, you may think me bashing on Michael Sam because he’s gay, that isn’t the case.  I’m bashing on Michael Sam because he used his being gay to force the NFL to pressure teams to draft him and subsequently hire him in order to maintain good PR.

With his inflated numbers and below average physical ablities, Michael Sam would not have been drafted had he not made it a publicity issue for the league, nor would he have a job now in the NFL.

The guy can’t play.  Shouldn’t THAT be what we judge him on, not his preference of sexual partners?

I guess that is too much equality for the left to bear.  Had the NFL not gone through the measures they did to ensure that Michael Sam was in the NFL, no doubt liberals would let slip their rabid dogs of victimization and claim that Michael Sam wasn’t in the NFL because of bigotry.  All the while ignoring the fact that he really can’t play the game at that high of a level.

President Obama even spoke out of both sides of his faces when he commented on Sam being drafted state that he:

“Congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey” 

Obama didn’t congratulate the Rams on improving their team.  It was all about a gay guy getting drafted, regardless of how well he plays.  It was about the “Nation’s Journey”.  Like electing an unqualified crappy President just because he’s black.  Oh…hmmm…I guess I can see how Obama can relate to Michael Sam.

So, uneven the playing field so your poster boy for homosexuals gets a job he doesn’t deserve and is unqualified for yet Tim Tebow is still out in the cold because the Jets and Rex Ryan screwed him over?

Basic liberal hypocrisy.

Tim Tebow, who when actually given half a chance (half because John Fox was a garbage coach to him) still managed to go 7-4 in 11 games, set a record and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game, and had the 2nd most game winning drives (even with starting 5 less games) during the season.

Tim Tebow, proven winner, outspoken Christian.

Michael Sam, proven failure, outspoken Homosexual.

One of these men have a job in the NFL…how fair is that?


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