CCW Permit Holder Stops Knife Wielding Madman at Grocery Store

In Salt Lake City Utah, a man walks into the Smith’s Marketplace grocery store, purchases a kitchen knife then heads to the parking lot and goes on a stabbing spree sending two to the hospital in critical condition.

The number, thankfully was kept low because a law abiding citizen with a gun happened to be in the store and upon exiting Smith’s and seeing what was going on drew his firearm and subdued the knife wielder until police arrived.

According to Salt Lake City Police Lt. Brian Purvis:

“(The bystander) was suspicious of what might be going on, and when he saw the stabbing, he just drew his pistol and challenged the individual.”

“This was a really volatile situation that could have gotten even worse.  (The bystander) was definitely in the right place at the right time.”

Isn’t that EXACTLY what I and other gun rights advocates have been preaching for years?  I’ll all but gurantee that the heroic bystander did not expect to draw down on a knife wielding maniac when he went to the grocery store in order to pick up some milk, BUT he was prepared for the “just in case” moments that happen.

Now, Shannon Watts of Mom’s Demand Action has been going around demanding that businesses disarm their patrons in some asinine notion that doing so will somehow make everyone safer.  First of all, if that were the case, then every business in America should just prohibit crime in their store and put a little sign in the window that says it is a crime free zone.

But back in reality, where Watts doesn’t seem inclined to reside, disarming the law abiding only leaves them as prey for the criminal and the insane.

If the aforementioned heroic bystander wasn’t armed with a gun what would he have done?  Called the cops?  Ok, in that case the knife wielding maniac has AT LEAST 5 minutes of unadulterated stabbing slaughter to sate himself in.  A lot of victims could be stabbed in 5 minutes.

Fortunately, Smith’s Marketplace doesn’t have such an ignorant ban on their customers defending themselves.

Ironically, Shannon Watts and her mouth drooling gun control zealot posse have been targeting another Supermarket chain in hopes of brow beating them into disarming their patrons.  Kroger’s to their credit has told Watts and her cronies to pound sand.

In a statement released by Kroger they say:

“Our long-standing policy on this issue is to follow state and local laws and to ask customers to be respectful of others while shopping.  We know that our customers are passionate on both sides of this issue, and we trust them to be responsible in our stores.”

Shannon Watts, in the best response that her distorted mind could come up with was this:

“Moms need to shop for groceries, but we don’t have to shop at stores that put our families in harm’s way.  Kroger’s policy endangers our families by putting us in the position of having to guess if the man carrying a rifle through the cereal aisle is a threat to their safety.”

First of all, it’s not just people carrying rifles that she and her group wants Krogers to ban…it is ALL firearms.  So her rhetoric is all ready misleading.  Secondly, I wonder if Watts is trained in hand to hand combat and if she could disarm a knife wielding maniac on a stabbing spree.  I doubt it.  Thirdly, in light of a person buying a knife at a grocery store only to turn around and attempt to murder people does Watts now intend to have grocery stores ban knives…or demand background checks before they can purchase one?

Shannon Watts irrational, illogical and downright dangerous thought processes would leave everyone at the mercy of the first bad guy who didn’t give a rats ass about a “gun free zone” sign, or a “no knife rampaging murder” sign.

Lives were saved in Salt Lake City because a CCW holder was there AND armed and willing to stand up to evil.  It is a truth that Watts and her zealots will turn a deaf ear and blind eye to but fortunately they seem to be growing in the minority by the day.

MSNBC, bastion for all things liberal, hosted a poll in which the question was asked very simply:

Should Kroger Shopper’s be allowed to carry handguns?

The choices were: Yes, it’s a constitutional right

No, it is a threat to the community.

After 25 thousand votes (nearly everyone who watches MSNBC) here are the results:



Remember, this is MSNBC, it doesn’t get anymore LEFT leaning Obama loving, socialist supporting than there….but even THEIR viewers understand that carrying a gun is a good thing and by having stores ban them only puts the law abiding at a disadvantage.

So, while Watts and her sycophants prattle on about nonsense, I am going to continue to live my life, not in fear but in assurance that should something untoward happen to me I will at least have a fighting chance because she and those who listen to her have not disarmed me before the wolves.

I suggest you shop and patron places that believe in your right not to be murdered by a knife wielding maniac and allows you to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.


[CORRECTION:  This event took place in April of 2012.  A misdated transcript had it reported as much more recent]

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