Drunk Cop Behaving Badly Shoots Two Innocent Bystanders

Let me paint a picture of fail for you.  An off-duty New York Narcotics cop gets crocked at a bar on Manhattan’s Upper West Side on Friday.  And no…it wasn’t 4am…it was 9pm and officer Victor Zambrano, 49, was three sheets to the wind.  He was so inebriated that he thought handing over his loaded service firearm to his 31 year old female drinking buddy that he might have been trying to seduce was a good idea.

I’m curious how that banter went?

Hey girl, you want to hold my gun?

OOooo…it’s SOOOOO big.

Yeah girl, it’s got a big bang too.

Shockingly, this is where things go off the rails as drunken Zambrano tried to get the gun back from the girl who apparently was concerned that Zambrano was too drunk to be armed.

Zambrano got violent with her and after he wrestled it back from her he shot her in the foot which ricocheted and hit her boyfriend in the shin.

A police source would later say:

“We do not know if he was shooting at them or just shooting.  Everyone involved is really drunk.”


Anways, this is when our drunken narcotics cop decided to make a break for it with the boyfriend shot in the shin giving chase.  Zambrano didn’t care for that notion and according to witnesses turned to fire on his pursuer and WOULD HAVE MURDERED HIM had his gun not misfired, dropping a live round at W 83rd St.

Eventually other police officers caught up with Zambrano near W 84th St and surrounded him telling him to drop his gun…which he refused to do.

Another witness states:

“They were shouting ‘Drop the gun! Drop the gun!’ but he wouldn’t.  A cop knocked it down and wrestled him the ground.”

I can’t help but believe that those officers were made aware that Zambrano was a fellow cop because with how itchy trigger fingers seem to be when it comes to the NYPD.  I mean, remember the Empire State Building Shooting, a guy has a gun and wasn’t resisting and two cops unloaded 16 rounds at him…shooting 9 innocent bystanders in the process.

But I digress, drunken Zambrano tells these cops to pound sand while he waves his gun around and instead of opening fire like why would do for any “normal” non shield wearing peasant of New York they actually go with non lethal measures.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for cops not gunning down people when they don’t have to…I just question whether the same heroics and consideration would be made for those of us on the other side of the thin blue line.  I doubt it.

While Zambrano doesn’t look like a “dirty” cop he does have a history of thinking the rules do not apply to him.

He racked up over $1000 worth of parking tickets, informed by the Inspector General of New York that he has to pay them, and has effectly stuck up his nose at having to pay for something that only peons are guilty of.

Well, hopefully he will not be so arrogantly flippant when facing his newest charges: Criminal Possession of a Weapon, Resisting Arrest and 2 Counts of Assault.

Once again, being a cop seems to come with perks as a “normal” peasant of New York City, had they survived being arrested, would no doubt face attempted murder charges and some beefier assault charges.

With all this said and done…can ANYONE tell me why police officers are more responsible in New York City to be armed than anyone else? 


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