Sign Brings Customers In…Gives Truth Out

A controversial message displayed on the outdoor marquee of Tactical Firearms, a gun dealer in the Houston suburb of Katy, Texas, has locals talking, though what some residents are saying can’t be repeated on a family website. The sign reads simple, “Does one of Obamas [sic] family members have to be beheaded for “change” to happen?”



I have been a fan of Tactical Arms for a while now, though I have never actually been there.

I take on the mindset of Prince Edward in “A Knight’s Tale” when speaking to the peasent who pretended to be a knight:

“You’re men love you.  If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough.  But you also tilt when you should withdraw, and that is knightly too”

So I don’t need to go to Katy, Texas and walk into Tactical Firearms because from all I have seen the store walks with the Bullets First mindset and doesn’t back down even when the Obama Administration pressures the banks to try and foreclose on them.  You can read that story here: Tactical Firearms says backlash from bank could shut them down

From the article:

The bank’s excuse to us for calling in the loan is because the “government does not support loans to the gun, alcohol, or hotel industries” and the banks get heavily audited. This is an extension of the Obama administration’s backdoor efforts to bankrupt the firearms industry and all its supporting retailers and firing ranges. Since the government can’t take away our Second Amendment directly, they make it difficult for businesses to stay open by pressuring banks to close loans. This has already happened to other gun shops around the country. We are fighting to make sure it doesn’t happen to us.

So what has the Obama bootlicking bank up in arms as well as the White House?  Tactical Firearms Owner Jeremy Alcede has had enough of the lies, the double standards, the broken promises and the outright hypocrisy by President Obama and is vocal about saying so…through the sign in front of his shop.

Here are some of the best:

tact fire tahmooressi tact fire undocumented tacticalfirearms-birthersign guns-obamacare

tact fire oath



Thankfully I am not in the minority in thinking that Tactical Firearms is doing a great job as they are still in business despite politically motivated financial attacks.  And they are still proudly exercising their 1st Amendment Rights each week on that sign right along with facilitating others with their 2nd Amendment Rights.

Keep up the good work and keep the signs coming!


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