Wife Uses Gun To Stop Gang From Beating Her Husband To Death, “Mom’s Demand Action” Point To It As Reason To Ban Guns

As if one needs anymore proof that gun control zealots couldn’t care less about safety and their real objective is the complete dismantling of the 2nd Amendment, Mom’s Demand Action illustrates that truth perfectly.

In Wichita, Kansas a group of men began mercilessly beating a youth football coach because one of the men’s son wasn’t allowed to play in a game.  And why wasn’t the kid getting playing time?  Because he and his family STOLE the football equipment from the previous year…or rather that they didn’t return it.

As Jerome Crawford, director of the Wichita Titans (a team in the league) puts it:

“It’s kind of a mutual understanding between teams.  The only way to maintain our stuff (equipment) is to not allow them to play for another team until we get our stuff back.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me, especially with the price equipment.  So the child wasn’t allowed to play in the game with his new team.  It just so happened that the game in which he was benched was against his old team that is still owed equipment.
At the former team’s, the Tigers (remember he no longer plays for them), practice on Monday, his mother shows up and takes issue with the policy.  She starts hurling obscenitites at the coach during the practice, all in front of the children.  Class act.  She was such a commotion that the police were called and witnesses gave statements.  The mother was gone by the time the police arrived though.  And she stayed gone, yet 20 minutes after the police left a group of men related to the woman came to the field and asked to see the coach who the woman was yelling at.

When the group of men found him they started to beat the coach, some were wearing brass knuckles so they came with premeditated malice, and they very likely would have killed the man had not his wife pulled out a gun and fired a round in the air.

(Note: I am usually against warning shots for a number of reasons but if she feared hitting her husband as this group swarmed him I’m willing to give her a pass on this one.  But warning shots should be made into soft ground for when shot in the air they have to come down somewhere.)

The shot was enough to halt the attack, at which point the Coach broke free, ran to his car and got HIS gun.  To which he held back any further assault.  The group of thugs turned tail and ran like cowards always do when faced with armed resistance.

By the time police finally arrived it was over except for one gnawing issue.  Though not charged, the Coach and his wife’s guns were confiscated as “evidence.”

The Director of the Team’s football program, Jeremy Burris, has said the Coach has been relieved of his position and his wife has also been dismissed from any involvement with the team.

While Burris stated that the coach has been “a great role model” and that “he’s really helped”; he then went on to stick his foot squarely in his mouth by stating the following:

“You can’t take weapons out around children.”

“We pride ourselves on zero tolerance for anything that goes on.” –hence the reason the coach was removed.

Not even to stop yourself from being BEATEN to death?

For the coach it’s probably a better thing that he is no longer affiliated with an organization that would prefer you be beaten to death than defend yourself.

Speaking of asinine organizations, crackpot group Mom’s Demand Action For Gun Sense in America came out to say that THIS is a reason why we need to ban guns in parks.  That lawfully carrying a concealed firearm or doing so openly is something that made the aforementioned situation WORSE.  From their Facebook page:


Once again proving that gun control zealots think it is morally superior to be murdered, or raped, or be a victim of a beating than to use a gun to defend yourself.

As if a no gun sign is going to stop a gang of men with brass knuckles from beating another man to death.

I mean, no one was even SHOT, just the mere presence of a gun was enough to save her husbands life.

All in all, this situation is a case why people SHOULD carry guns in parks and playgrounds.  You never know when your life or the life of you child may be at risk.  It is better to be prepared to defend yourself against a roving band of brigands than to be at their mercy…of which they may very well not have any of.


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