Everytown For Gun Safety Unintentionally Makes Great Case For Gun Rights

It’s always funny when gun controllers use situations in where a law abiding gun owner could have or has made a difference as reasons to push forth more gun control.  I recently wrote an article about a woman who saved her husband’s life while he was being beaten by a group of brass knuckle wearing thugs, Mom’s Demand Action pointed to that as a reason why guns should be banned in parks.

It therefore comes as no surprise when I come across a video in which the message of the gun controllers does exactly the opposite of the intent.

The following video was produced by Bloomberg organization Everytown for Gun Safety.  The video shows a situation that is made possible by a gun control mindset:

Let’s point out some fails on this one.

First, restraining orders are like gun free zones, they only work if a bad guy listens to them…ie they don’t work.

Secondly, yeah, blather into the phone at 911 because an operator on the phone is MUCH better than a gun in your hand (/sarcasm)

Thirdly, if gun controllers had their way and the woman WANTED to have a gun she’d have to endure a 5 day waiting period before she go one.  The ex probably wouldn’t wait that long.

Fourthly, depending on which gun control utopia she lived in this woman might have to unlock and then assemble the gun together and then go to another safe to unlock the bullets all before the ex had a chance to kick in the door.

Finally, the video itself is entitled “Will You Stop This?”  The answer is yes…make sure that women have the right to shoot people who are going to murder them.  A few rounds into his chest as he broke in would have stopped her from being murdered.  But once again, gun controllers think it is morally superior for this woman to die than to shoot her murderer.

I don’t know about you, but the only thing I see when I watch this video is reasons that this woman should have been armed.  And as I said, if she WAS armed, the minute the wife beating ex kicked in the door he would’ve had a couple of slugs in his chest.  Story fades to black as mom and child hug while police show up 5 minutes later to make a report.

Yet gun controllers only see victims.  Then again it is the modus operandi of gun controllers to be ghouls and profit off the death of children and women.  War on women?  Gun controllers seemed hellbent on sending women back 50 years when they were a weak and inferior sex that needed a man to come and defend them.

In truth a man by the name of Sam Colt came along and made it possible for women to defend themselves.

I guess gun controllers don’t profit from the notion of liberated women, so I guess Everytown and co will be pushing them back into the kitchen for the foreseeable future.


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