2nd Amendment Infringements Endanger US Troops and Their Families

When you add up the number of military personnel, including National Guard, Reservists and the Coast Guard, the United States has about 2.2 million service members who have volunteered to put their lives on the lines to defend this nation of ours.

Yet a great deal of these troops have been betrayed by their state governments and denied the protection that the 2nd Amendment enumerates.  Even by the MOST LIBERAL ANTI GUN interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, these 2.2 million people (if no one else) should not have their 2nd Amendment right infringed.

If you are a service member in Vermont or Alaska or Arizona then you have nothing to worry about because your state recognizes the 2nd Amendment rights of all it’s citizens.  Yet if you live in New York, Maryland, San Francisco and other such dens of iniquity you are pretty much out of luck, just like every other law abiding citizen.

Unfortunately for the troops, the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (a federal/local fusion intelligence organization focusing on domestic terrorist threats) has released a bulletin it which it reports that radical Islamic extremists are trying to encourage followers to seek out and murder U.S. military personnel at their homes.

The bulletin also cites a Twitter post, which instructed jihadists to use social media to find soldiers’ names and addresses.  Which makes perfect sense because how guarded have people really been with the information that is available about them online?

How easy is to to find out about a soldier online, locate them on google maps and go and murder them in their home?  Too easy…and even easier if that soldier happens to live in a state with draconian gun laws that have stripped them of their right to self defense.

It is a shame and a travesty that men and women who volunteer to fight American’s enemies abroad are denied the ability to defend themselves upon returning home.

Terrorists are just going to keep getting smarter…why would they focus attacks on military bases that are loaded with firearms and defensive measures when they could simply meander over to the service members house and murder them at leisure because the best the troops can do at that point is call 911 and wait, hoping the terrorists take their time slaughtering their family so that when the police finally show up their might be someone left to save.  Thanks to the Brady Campaign and Michael Bloomberg and their ilk, in many places that is the only choice the troops are left with.  Thanks gun control.

Just to be clear, I believe that the right to keep and bear arms extends to ALL American’s not just those who wear a uniform, but with that being said our troops have volunteered and in doing so have made themselves targets, both abroad AND at home.

The US makes sure they can defend themselves overseas but leaves them flapping in the wind when they return home.

Government once again fails the troops…surprise surprise.


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