Another Bow Hunter Attacked By A Bear, Knife Fight FTW

Apparently, more bow hunters need to read Bulletsfirst.

Why you should ALWAYS carry a sidearm when you go hunting

In another case where a bow just wasn’t enough to stave off a bear attack, an member of a hunting in Minnesota wounded a bear with an arrow after which the bear took off into the woods.  The archer and his hunting companions decided to do the right thing and follow the bear to and finish the kill.  They tracked the animal by the blood trail that it left.

The group came upon the bear unmoving and assumed it was dead.  That happened to be the wrong assumption as the bear had one more fight in him.  The bear charged the group and singled out one member.  Without any sidearms the man went with what was at hand…his hunting knife.

All of a sudden I heard him screaming,” Craig Lindstrom, one of the hunters, stated. “Literally screaming, screaming and you knew he was being mauled.”

While being mauled by the bear, the unnamed hunter plunged his blade into the bear about 20 times.  Apparently everyone else there was just standing there and watching.

Eventually the stab wounds accumulated and drove the bear off, where it died about 50 yards away from the mauling.

The hunter received two broken arms and a plethora of other bite, scratch and mauling wounds for which he will undergo multiple surgeries to recover from.

Just another example of the need to have a sidearm on hand just in case situations arise where drawing down an arrow is not an option and shooting a bear in the face is a better option than trying to stab it.

With that being said, proper respect for the guy who killed a 525 lb bear with a knife.


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