NY’s SAFE Act and Gun Free Zones Combine For Rapist’s Buffet

Thanks to New York’s government sanctioned denial of 2nd Amendment rights to law abiding citizens, coupled with the fool’s notion that criminals believe in and adhere to so called “Gun Free Zones”, the state has now become a buffet for rapists and kidnappers.

Rapist and kidnappers like Shane Harding.  Police arrested Harding on the morning of October 1st.  Harding had attempted to kidnap and rape a woman on Tuesday in a gun free zone super market parking lot.  Lucky for the woman she was able to fight him off since Harding was using a bb gun at the time.  Unfortunately he made a second, successful attempt later that day using a real gun.

This gun was illegally obtained by the way, since Harding is a Level 3 registered sex offender after being convicted of violently raping a 17 year old girl in 2008 and was released in January after serving 6 years.  So much for rehabilitation.  In fact, Harding had told his mother back in 2008 that he wanted to die at the hands of the police and led them on a high speed chase back in ’08 that ended with him crashing and shot by police after he reached for a shotgun.

Flash forward to 2014, and the convict is back to his old tricks but surely laws are in place to stop him from repeating his crime?  Nope.  The SAFE Act, failing to stop a criminal from getting a gun, in truth really only makes it more difficult for law abiding citizens to carry a firearm in order to protect themselves from, oh i don’t know let’s say, serial rapists.

Too bad for Harding’s second victim of the day.  He forced the second woman at gun point (a real gun this time) to drive him from Troy, NY over the state border to Hancock, Massachusetts where he raped her.  Then forced her to drive him back to Troy.  A round trip of about 50 miles, the reasoning for the trip across state lines remains a mystery.  He released his 2nd victim and then forced a third person, this time a man to drive him to Saratoga county to another gun free zone…Skidmore College.

By this time, the 2nd victim called the police and reported the rape along with more information about the attacker, Shane Harding.  Eventually police were led to the campus of Skidmore college where they apprehended Harding before he was able to kidnap and rape any students.

It is good that the police were able to stop Harding, not like it helped the first two women from being attacked or the third victim from being kidnapped.  Had Harding progressed from rapist and kidnapper to murderer and left his second victim in the woods of Massachusetts he would very well be adding to his body count now on the campus of Skidmore College and surrounding schools.

With a hoplophobic government like NY who ensures that the fewest amount of law abiding citizens can carry a firearm to protect themselves, the odds are ever in the criminal’s favor to overpower the victim rather than getting a hot blast of lead in their face.

Once again: violent rapist gets released from jail, during an 18 hour crime spree gets a gun DESPITE the SAFE Act, chooses gun free zones to attack victims and is finally caught on a gun free zone college campus about to repeat his crimes all over again.

rapist harding

Gov. Cuomo, how exactly is disarming the law abiding making New York safer?

And just so you understand what kind of hurdles one needs to jump in order to carry a sidearm to protect themselves from scum like Shane Harding, mull this over.  In the state of New York you need to acquire a purchase permit before even being able to buy a handgun and pay all fees associated with that.  As an aside, your purchase permit (1 per gun) is what is used for the NY Registration scheme.

In Rensselear County, where these three victim are from, let me tell you how hard it is to get a concealed carry permit.

First of all it costs a NON-REFUNDABLE $124.25 in order to get the process moving.  Considering this is a “may issue” state, even the most honest, trustworthy and law abiding citizen can be rejected for no other reason than that the issuing authority doesn’t believe in giving out CCW’s.

You need 4 character references.  This by itself is not the most infringing aspect until you get to the sub requirements.  First of all the references need to fill out a series of applications, have them notarized (more money) and then return them to the Sheriff’s office.  That’s a lot of hassle to ask 4 friends to go through.

On top of that hassle these references must fall under a VERY narrow criteria.  First of all they MUST live in either Rensselear County or a county that borders Rensselear.  You must have known them for a minimum of 5 years. Must be 21 years old and not related to you.  Residents of other states are also not acceptable.

This criteria basically eliminates ALL people who move to the county from out of the area for at LEAST the first 5 years of moving there.

You must also take a Pistol Safety Course (more money).  I’m not against a person being proficient in the use of arms, but to force someone to pay for it in order to exercise their Constitutional right is disgusting.  Why don’t we bring back poll taxes and literacy tests in order to vote while we are at it?  And by “it” I mean shredding Constitutional rights.

When all is said and done, when you have inconvenienced four friends, paid over $200 and taken off a day of work in order to go down to the Sheriff’s office, when all that is done…they can still simply say “no” and aren’t required to offer any reason other than “they don’t want to.”  While you are out both time and money and STILL disarmed when a serial rapist comes to kidnap you and take you to God knows where.

Looks like the SAFE Act is working as it was intended to.  Though I doubt Harding’s victims see how exactly they are safer because of it.  Then again gun control has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with controlling, not the criminals but the law abiding populace.

Come November I’m sure all the Harding’s who haven’t been caught yet will be voting in droves to make sure Andrew Cuomo is still in office so nothing will change the status quo of criminals being armed and every one else their disarmed prey.

Buffet style indeed and lunch is served, thanks to Governor Cuomo.


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