Obama Bans the Importation of Guns but NOT the Importation of Ebola

Once again the Obama administration proves just how much they hate guns, not in the direct attack of the 2nd Amendment but rather in the manner it handles itself when actual threats toward this country present themselves.

In Executive Order 13661, the Treasury Department was authorized to sanction the Russian Gun Maker Kalashnikov Concern and block the importation of further weapons.  The firearms that are now blocked from being imported include Saiga rifles and shotguns, most notably their AK line.

Obama continues to block the re-importation of 600,000  M1 Carbines as well as 80,000 Garands that are both historical and collectible as they were the surplus of the firearms used by US troops and South Koreans during the Korean Conflict from 1950-1953.  But as Obama has proven in recent times he has little interest in bringing home those who have served the US military.

So Obama continues to block the importation of firearms under the guise of keeping people safe.

Of course it is a lie.  His Executive Orders are the only way he can circumvent the will of the people and subvert their free exercise of liberty in regards to the Second Amendment.  It pushes forth his anti gun agenda and rabid gun control dreams.  Obama could care less about keeping Americans safe.

How do I know this is true?  Because while Obama is hellbent on keeping firearms out of the United States he has done ABSULUTELY NOTHING in regards to trying to keep the ebola virus from making its way onto these shores.  In fact, he has gone out of his way to ensure that they do.

First, instead of sending troops to eliminate the terrorist organization with a penchant for beheading known as ISIS, Obama chooses to send troops to the African country of Liberia.  This action puts 3000 American soldiers in direct harms way of an enemy they neither have the ability or the know how to fight.  Ebola can also hitch a ride back on one or more of these 3000 troops and then spread rapidly on base as the living conditions for soldiers is not as isolated as that of regular people.

Not only did he send these troops there, the Obama administration has gone out of its way NOT to block the importation of ebola into the US.  There are no travel restrictions, no banning of incoming flights and no manditory quarantine in place for those travelling from those places.  In fact, the CDC Director, Tom Frieden actually came out and said that a travel ban would make the spread of ebola WORSE.

Now, this is where things get REALLY interesting.

The Obama administration thinks that banning the importation of ebola into the US would make things worse.

By that logic, banning of the importation of firearms would only make things worse in the US as well.

But no, apparently the Obama Administration doesn’t care about ebola in the United States…Frieden meant that a travel ban would make ebola worse in AFRICA.

The Director referred to medical staff when he said this:

“Their ability to get there was delayed by about a week because their flight was canceled and they were stuck in a neighboring country.”

No kidding, because the neighboring countries are being cautious about the spread of ebola into THEIR countries.

Yet the Obama administration has no such qualms about putting over 300 million American lives in danger by carelessly and callously endangering a pandemic on these shores by doing NOTHING to stem the flow of infected personnel coming into this country.

Let’s not even get into the notion of ebola infected Mexicans streaming across the southern border.

In short, Obama cares little if anything for the safety of the American people.

He would put his rabid gun control ideology over the rights of the people and the health and welfare of the African continent over the protection and health of the United States.

In sober reflection…at what point do we classify his actions as treasonous?


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