Are Blue States Going Red For Guns this Election?

There comes a point when even liberal states say “enough is enough.”  In under a month there are 4 gubernatorial elections from 3 downright midnight blue states and one purple that will see just how much tyranny the residents are willing to endure in the name of progressive statist idealism.

The states that I am referring to are New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Colorado.  What do these states all have in common?  Gun control. In the past 2 years these four states have passed liberty crippling measures that gut the free citizens 2nd Amendment rights while doing nothing to actually reduce crime or the threat of mass shootings.

It seems that come November, the three incumbents who enacted such draconian gun control (and the supporter in Mass running for the open seat), will finally face the fire for doing so.

In these traditionally deepest of blue states only in New York does the incumbent, Andrew Cuomo, have a lead outside the margin of error.

The rest though, according to polling data from, are either trailing or have only the slightest of leads in states where they should be winning by double digits.

Don’t get me wrong, none of the Republican challengers in the North East states are Ted Nugent-like in their belief in the 2nd Amendment but they at least take the lukewarm stance against the abolition of the 2nd Amendment.


For instance, in Connecticut, which led the knee jerk reaction to Sandy Hook shooting by enacting laws that would not have prevented it from happening in the first place, Gov Malloy is in a rematch against his last gubernatorial election foe, Tom Foley.

Foley, who is endorsed by the Pro-2A group Connecticut Citizens Defense League, has come out and stated that he would veto any new gun control bills passed by the legislature and had accused Malloy of using the Newtown tragedy as political capital to further his unrelated gun control measures.

While silent on peeling back the gun control measures all ready on the books, at least Foley avows to stop the flooding which in Connecticut is something.


While in Massachusetts, a state that saw the sitting governor win by 6 points now sees the vacant seat as a toss up.  Sure, Martha Coakley may be one of the worst candidates in Massachusetts history, famously decrying that Curt Shilling (hero of the Boston Red Sox) was a Yankee because he disagreed with her.  But still, this is Massachusetts.  Fun fact, in July Coakley enjoyed a 10 point lead over her challenger Charlie Baker.  On July 10th the legislature passed even stricter gun control laws that would further hamper law abiding citizens ability to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.  Once again giving the “authority” arbitrary discretion as to whether law abiding citizens are even allowed to purchase a gun.  Not just pistols, but shotguns and rifles.

From that point, Coakley’s lead as all but disappeared and depending on the poll you look at, at best has a 0.5 point lead over Baker.

As for Baker, I like candidates who actually have the stones to put the 2nd Amendment on their campaign site.  While not exactly the “bullets first” mentality,” Baker takes a public stand on the issue stating from his campaign site:

Second Amendment

Charlie supports the Constitution’s second amendment. He supports the rights of law-abiding citizens and sportsmen, as well as responsible measures to disarm and prosecute criminals and end the illegal trafficking of weapons. Charlie believes that mental health reform is a necessary component of such measures.

I like how he makes a distinction between citizens who want guns for defense and sportsmen, because as I have always said, the 2nd Amendment has NOTHING To do with hunting.

New York

My subscribers have no misunderstanding about my feelings for crooked governor Andrew Cuomo and his rights’ infringing abomination legislation that he ludicrously named the SAFE Act.

Between Gestapo like tactics of neighbors turning in neighbors, the eradication of the 4th Amendment, and mind numbing hypocrisy by militarizing the police, Cuomo’s disdain for the average citizen of New York is well documented.  Unfortunately for his challenger, Rob Astorino, the empire state includes a little den of iniquity called New York City.  And somehow, the overwhelming majority of the city dwellers seem to enjoy having their overlords who run the government tell them how to live their lives.  I mean, they DID elect Bloomberg THREE times and then, because Bloomberg wasn’t controlling enough they elected full on statist dictator DeBlasio whose communist leanings have him waging a war on the rich.

So it is not suprising that in a state where 50% of its population resides in a city like that, that Cuomo has an edge.  An edge to the tune of around 20 points.  But, knowing a little bit about the state I am curious if that poll is accurate.  Unlike the other states I have mentioned, New York is unique in its makeup.  For example Boston’s population accounts for only one tenth of Massachusetts electorate.  With NYC accounting for half the population of the state I find that pollsters often times disproportionately focus on the city and ignore the rest of the state.  And as anyone from the north country can tell you, Upstate New York IS NOT New York City.  I feel that turnout will be the key and gun owners are a hell of a lot more determined to kick Cuomo out than his supporters are to keep him in.

I like Rob Astorino and not only because he called the SAFE Act a “disaster” and vowed to repeal it upon getting elected.  But because that isn’t the first time that Rob Astorino stood up for gun owners.  Rob Astorino is the County Executive of Westchester.  And when the Journal News attempted to endanger his constituents by publishing the names and addresses of gun owners Astorino vehemently rejected their attempts to access the records and went out publicly to decry their attempts.

From the Astorino campaign website:

 Rob Astorino stood up for law-abiding gun owners when the Journal News published their names and home addresses. It was wrong and it was dangerous. The Journal News had no right to publish the names and home addresses of law-abiding gun owners in Westchester. These were law-abiding citizens, and The Journal News treated them like sex offenders. Further, names on the list included domestic violence victims in hiding and retired judges and detectives. County Executive Rob Astorino immediately spoke out on radio and wrote (and called) the paper’s publisher demanding that the online map come down and it came down.

I like when candidates have some experience sticking up for gun owners.  And while the lead Cuomo has is large, it is eroding more and more as Astorino continues to hammer home the point that New Yorkers are Americans too.  Earlier this year Cuomo had over 40 points on Astorino, now it’s 20.  Come election time who knows.  I say Rob has a punchers chance and in New York, that is saying something.


Finally we have the outlier, the purple state, Colorado.

Colorado, fueled by east coast Bloomberg money, jammed its own version of the SAFE Act down the throats of its citizens.  And as Upstate New York is not New York City, Colorado sure as hell aint the East Coast.  It didn’t take long for the people of Colorado to start grass roots campaigns that got several supporters of Gov. Hickenlooper’s gun control law removed from office.

Now finally, come election time, it is Hickenloopers turn.

Coloradans have been chomping at the bit for this.  Now doubt that is why Hickenlooper finds himself on the wrong side of the margin of error.  The average of all the major polling has him down by a point and a half.  His opponent, Bob Beauprez has unabashedly been pro 2nd Amendment, which is not surprising once you get to the heartland.

From the Beauprez campaign site:

Second Amendment

Governor Hickenlooper signed restrictive gun legislation that must be repealed. He then lied to Colorado sheriffs about his cooperation with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Colorado needs a governor who it can trust to stand up for Constitutional rights. It also needs a governor who will focus on mental health issues for those crying out in need of help as a way to resolve some of the underlying causes of violence.

Not only all of that, but Beauprez hammered away at the Hickenlooper administration attempt to coerce the Denver Post into not publishing stories about how  dangerous and mentally unstable prisoners were being routinely released from prison into Colorado neighborhoods.  Basically, after passing his gun control measures, Hickenlooper wanted to have the public perception be that the state was safer because of it.  So not only does Hickenlooper deny the 2nd Amendment but tries to oppress the First as well.


There is a reason that gun controllers from battleground states RUN from the topic when it is election time.  Because at the heart of all true Americans is the desire to be free and when push comes to shove.  Sure, when you live in a state dominated by gun control and you can see no way out of it, it doesn’t register in your mind.  But then those states might go TOO far, and when enough is enough, even the unlikely may happen.  In the Northeast you may see the biggest swing from Blue to Red in years.

Maybe it’s time for politicians to run from gun control for good and come back to being Americans.


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