Entrepreneurs Railroaded by 1986 Gun Control Bill

In 1986 a gun control bill ludicrously dubbed the Firearm Owners Protection Act passed through congress.  It had a wide ranging number of gun control measures but the most prevalent one is that it banned the manufacture and sale of machine guns built after 1986.

All automatic machine guns built prior to that year were still allowed to be transferred after paying an extortion transfer fee and special stamp tax.  Side note, didn’t we fight a revolution back in 1776 against stamp taxes?  (yes, stamp, same tyranny).  The number of legal machine guns with proper paperwork in the US stands at around 196,000 weapons.

The point is that if you want a fully automatic machine gun you are allowed to get one so long as it was made prior to 1986 and you can afford it.  Since there is a finite supply the prices for these weapons have skyrocketed over the years.  The ban has made it an extreme sellers market to where if you were to have a Thompson sub machine gun built new, you could do so for a few hundred dollars but the guns are being sold in excess of $16,000 and some don’t even work anymore.

In 1993 a couple of legally licensed firearms dealers came up with an ingenious idea.  To take the paperwork of the broken, non functional machine guns and build brand new machine guns.

Completely illegal of course, but only if you find the 2nd Amendment meaningless and believe it is something to be infringed at will.  I contest that the FOPA of 1986 is unconstitutional and as such is absolutely ripe for disobeying.

What they did was to take a hacksaw, saw off the serial numbers of the broken guns and attach them to the new guns.  In effect making a “zero sum” effect.  That is to say that the net gain of machine guns available to the public was ZERO, but rather than let the gun controllers win and have the number of firearms available to Americans decrease as wear and tear made these pre-ban weapons nothing but scrap metal or museum pieces, the FFL dealers kept the American public supplied.

For their ingenuity, two of the gun dealers were sentenced to long term prison sentences.

Last summer a U.S. District Court judge in Phoenix sentenced Randolph Benjamin Rodman of Maryland and Idan C. Greenberg of Arizona, to prison terms of 121 months and 33 months, respectively, in connection with the bicoastal enterprise.

Back in December of 2012 a federal jury found Greenberg guilty of conspiracy, illegal possession of a machine gun, and receipt and possession of a firearm made in violation of the National Firearms Act.  The same jury convicted Rodman of 22 charges, including conspiracy; the manufacturing, possession, receipt and transfer of machine guns in violation of the act; and making false entries on applications and records.

My question is, truly, what is the crime here?

If ever there was a case for jury nullification it was here.  Greenberg and Rodman were not gun runners smuggling weapons to Mexico, though apparently if that were actually a crime Obama and Holder would be locked up.  Greenberg and Rodman weren’t selling them on street corners.  The weapons they made were replacements for old broken weapons and the net gain for machine guns in hands of civilians was ZERO.  And to gun controllers THAT is there crime.

The wet dream of gun controllers is that eventually all the guns that were grandfathered in would break down and become useless.  Gun controllers didn’t want a limit of 196,000 machine guns in the hands of private citizens.  They wanted a perpetually decreasing number of these weapons in the hands of private citizens.  Guns break down, idiot family members turn them in for $50 gift certificates, they are lost in fires, natural disasters etc.

Gun controllers are playing the long game on this one and anyone who dares try to beat back the hour when all 196,000 guns are scrap metal must be punished.  Why else would replacing one automatic weapon with another be a crime?

Did a 60 year old gun dealer deserve 10 years hard time for doing something that our founding fathers would expect him to do in the face of tyranny?  I don’t think so.  It is the governement who should be punished for trying to levy such intolerable acts upon us.

Ipso facto the government takes our guns so they need no fear us shirking the tyrannical yoke they keep trying to place on us.

I take solace in the fact that with the advent of 3D printers and desktop milling machines the 196,000 machine guns will increase exponentially and unlike those made prior to 1986, these new freedom guns will not be registered, they will not be subject to governmental tyranny and they will ensure that the American people will stay free so long as it is populated by the brave.

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