Hickenlooper Holding Colorado Hostage: Re-Elect Me Or I’ll Free Mass Murderer

Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado really is the worst kind of scum.  Not only did he push for and sign into law a gun control bill that did nothing but be a punitive measure against the law abiding, but since his constituency has put his re-election bid into jeopardy he has resulted to threats.

Hickenlooper, as governor, has the power to pardon criminals or commute their sentences.  Hickenlooper is the kind of hypocritical scum sucker who would use that power for political leverage.  He is using the impending election to allude to the fact that if he is not re-elected he “could” very well pardon or commute Nathan Dunlap’s sentence of death.

What makes Hickenlooper a flaming hypocrite in this regard rather than just a scum sucking parasite?  Because Nathan Dunlap was a MASS SHOOTER in AURORA Colorado shooting 5 people and killing 4 of them back in 1993 at a Chuck E Cheese.  A mass shooting in Aurora is what Hickenlooper exploited in the first place to push his non-related gun control measures.

Dunlap was supposed to die back in 2013 before Hickenlooper gave him a “temporary reprieve.”  I wonder why it was temporary?  Could it be that after losing 3 legislators to recall elections that he could wait a year and hold the electorate hostage to save his own job?  That seems likely.

The National Journal pointed out that Hickenlooper has since indicated he could further his action — changing it to full clemency — should Coloradans elect Republican Bob Beauprez instead of him in November. 

In August, Complete Colorado published audio of Hickenlooper telling a CNN interviewer that if his gubernatorial opponent ran and won on a platform of enforcing the death penalty there are still things “a governor can [do]” with the time that remains. Things he can do in the “period of time between the election…and the end of the year.”

Hickenlooper went on to be more explicit:

“there are obviously remedies that the governor can do, you know, I could give it full clemency between election day and the end of the year.” 

As a side note Dunlap is black and all 5 of his victims were white yet no mention of a hate crime was put forth.  I also doubt that Hickenlooper would even consider this tact had the shooter been white and all 5 of his victims black.

But putting race aside, Hickenlooper has exposed himself to Colorado, showing that he has no qualms about punishing the law abiding citizens of the state while at the same time protecting and sheltering ACTUAL mass murderers.

For the good of Colorado I hope they elect Bob Beauprez for governor because Hickenlooper is the kind of vile trash that has no right to be in charge of anything.



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