Here’s What Liberty Looks Like When Tyranny Gets Shredded [Video]

Since 1935, a law has been on the books in North Carolina requiring law abiding citizens of Durham County to register their firearms.  It took nearly 80 years, but the General Assembly finally figured out that registration of the law abiding does nothing but set the groundwork for confiscation by a tyrannical government.

Armed with the epiphany that gun registration doesn’t stop criminals the General Assembly, earlier this year, unanimously repealed the 1935 law with Senate Bill 226 / S.L. 2014-11.  The repeal was ratified on June 19th.

Though it took a little while, the State of North Carolina finally granted the Durham County Clerk of Court, Archie Smith, permission to destroy the records.  The following video shows those how tyranny get’s shredded.

As the Durham County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page stated:

Perhaps the most significant time-lapse video of paper shredding you may ever watch.

After I saw the video I can’t help but agree.

I don’t know about you but I was mesmerized by this video and watched the entire thing.  It was as if, with each drawer filled with tyranny was being shredded, my faith in mankind was slowly being restored.  There is also no electronic record of the gun registry either.  Showing a video of someone hitting delete wouldn’t have had the same effect anyways.

In 1995 North Carolina had passed a preemption law making it illegal for any local government from passing stricter gun control measures than the state yet the Jim Crow era gun registration existed as a loop hole.  That loophole has finally been closed.  Tens of thousands (if not over 100k) of people will no longer be treated as criminals just for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.  Durham County will no longer treat it’s citizens who believe in the right to keep and bear arms like they have done something wrong and need to be tracked and traced.

Liberty has returned to Durham.


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