New Gun Law In California: Salem Witch Trials Reborn

It is a dangerous precedent when one person need only point a finger at another person and cry “WITCH” and that person gets burned at the stake, drowned, or pressed to death.  Yet that is exactly the situation being fostered in California now that a new gun control measure has been put in place where a person’s property can be stolen by the police and they are considered guilty just because a relative points to them and cries out “gun owner.”

The new law (AB-1014) allows families to petition a court for the seizure of guns from a family member, and then empowers police to confiscate firearms from that family member.

Here’s all the wrong with that.  First off, due process is chucked out the window.  Basically people can go directly to judge, without any investigation or proof, and claim that someone who is related to them may be a danger.  That is all it will take to have that person lose their rights and property.

Secondly, the definition of “family” is so general that a second cousins wife’s brother can make that claim and have your guns seized.

Much like the Salem Witch Trial this law can now be used by criminals to disarm well off “family” members and then rob them blind.

But one need not look back through the centuries or even across the country to find out how such a legal precedent will be ripe with abuse.

A Californian grandmother served SEVENTEEN years for a crime she didn’t commit based soley on the word of a witness with a history of giving police false tips.

Susan Marie Mellen was only 42 when she was sentenced to life without parole for the killing of a homeless man.

As it turned out,  three black gang members subsequently were linked to the crime, and one was convicted of the killing. Another took a polygraph test and said he was present at Daly’s killing, and Mellen was not there.

Mellen lost 17 years of her freedom because some crone wanted to feel important.  The witness who claimed she heard Mellen confess was June Patti, who had a long history of giving false tips to law enforcement, according to documents in the case. She died in 2006.

June Patti, for reasons she took to her grave, pointed to Susan Mellen and cried the equivalent of “WITCH” and Mellen spent the next 17 years paying for that false accusation.  The legal system in California should be ashamed of itself.  But no, they actually pass legislation to give MORE power to people like June Patti.

Hey, maybe there were some witches who actually were caught in Salem, I don’t know.  But what I do know is that the majority (if not all) of the people persecuted were innocent and were only accused due to greed, malice, pettiness, or the saving of the accuser’s own skin.

That is what gun owners now face in California.

Reasons that people will falsely accuse gun owner “family members”

  • Personal grudge
  • disarming them to rob them
  • custodial dispute
  • pettiness
  • because they’re bored
  • because they think its funny

The last one should be of special note.  This is California we are talking about after all.  The chances are high that someone in family may be some Berkeley attending, pot smoking, Obama loving, burkinstock wearing communist hoplophobe who hates the very notion of an armed citizenry and will start accusing exveryone even remotely related to them who owns a gun as being dangerous.

All those people lose their rights based on nothing other than the word of an anti-gun radical.

Where’s the justice in that.

The accuser’s don’t even need much in the way of claims.  Simply a past DUI conviction will be enough to warrant the seizure of a person’s property, according to the Democrat authors of the la.w Nancy Skinner and Das Williams.

By attacking the 2nd Amendment California has shredded its way through the 4th and 14th Amendments too.

Californian gun control zealots have all the power they need to bring witch trials back in vogue.


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