Even When In the Right, Gun Owners Get in Trouble With the Law

In two cases, in different parts of the country, law abiding citizens used their 2nd Amendment rights to defend themselves against criminals looking to either rape, rob and murder.  Unfortunately for Justice, both of the gun owners are now facing criminal charges.

In the first case, a Wheeling man, Chris Harris and his fiance CC Roxby were heading home from church at about 8:30 at night when they were surrounded by a group of 9 men threaten to beat him and rape his girlfriend.  When the 9 thugs approached to make good on their threats Harris took out his sidearm while Roxby dialed 911.  Some of the assailants backed off but one spoke up challenging that Harris’s gun was fake.  As the assailant moved forward and the rest of his gang, now emboldened, followed suit, Harris made his mistake.  Instead of putting a round square in Mr. Would Be Rapists chest he shot a “warning” shot into the air.

Proving that the gun was real the gang backed off and left while at pretty much the same time the police cruisers started rolling down the street.

Yet, instead of going after the gang of nine, the officers slapped handcuffs on Chis Harris and arrested HIM.

Harris’s mistake was twofold.  First as I have mentioned if he felt threatened he should have put, at least the first guy who kept approaching down like a dog, but secondly the act of firing in the air is dangerous too.  That bullet has to come down somewhere and can really hurt some innocent person when it does.  If Harris was so compelled to issue a “warning” shot he should have down it into the ground, towards his attacker so that if there was a richocet it would hat least be heading toward a target worth hitting.

Harris is charged with “Wanton Endangerment” and is currently free on bond.

As a side note, Harris has claimed that during the safety class he took in order to get a license to carry in West Virginia his instructors had suggested firing a warning shot in such a situation.  Either that instructor needs to be fired or the entire requirement should be stricken from WV law.  The notion that teaching anyone something that contradicts Colonel Coopers 4 Rules of Firearms is both ludicrous and unsafe.


In Texas, the maxim, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 comes into play as a man saves a bar full of people from a gang of 4 armed men by shooting two of them to death and driving off the other 2.  The only problem for him is that it is illegal to carry a firearm into a bar, regardless of whether you are licensed or not.

Just after closing around 2:30 Saturday morning, four armed men barged in at EJ’s Place demanding money.

Instead, a customer inside the bar, which is located on the 16500 block of Kuykendahl Road, pulled out his gun and started exchanging fire with the robbers. He shot and killed two of them while the other two ran. Once the heated exchange ended, the patron left, too.

“We’re still trying to determine who he is, and why he left the scene,” said Harris County Sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Spurgeon.

Why he left the scene?  Because you were going to ARREST him for being a hero and not letting innocent people get hurt.  Of course he left the scene rather than be complicit in the injustice you were going to place on him.  I would have left too.

From what the workers at the bar say, the hero is a regular that tends to stick around after the bar closes in order to walk the female employees to safely to their cars.  That he is someone who would never start trouble but would always stick up for his friends.

I hope the employees have enough sense to leave it at that and not help implicate this mysterious stranger…and also I hope that the cops choose to do more important things than trying to toss a hero in prison because of some ass backwards gun control law passed by hoplophobes that claim these situations where the innocent citizen fights off armed thugs never happens.

And once again this situation just proves that gun free zones don’t work.  I mean, had this hero not ignored the sign at the door there could be innocent blood on the floor instead of that of two hoodlums with criminal intent who were banking on the fact that the people within would be disarmed.

With luck the police will forget about the stranger and focus on the 2 criminals who fled and were implicated in an earlier robbery that night of a gas station.

Come on Texas…do what’s right.  You too West Virginia.

Don’t be New York City. 


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