Gun Control Can’t Stop Evil and Evil Exists

The fundamental flaw that has always plagued gun controllers is that they somehow believe that gun control will deter or stop criminals.  In truth it will only hamper the law abiding.  Evil, as it turns out, doesn’t give a hoot about laws or ethics or morality.  And have no doubt evil exists in the world in abundance.

One need look no further than Scranton Pennsylvania and into the eyes of a demonic little 10 year old.

From Liberty Unyielding:

How unspeakable would a murder need to be in order for the assailant, aged 10, to be charged as an adult? Decide for yourself based on the facts, which are as follows: A boy, who can be described as the very least as having extreme anger issues, lost his temper with a 90-year-old woman. So he grabbed a cane, hooked it around her neck, and held her down as he beat her, ultimately crushing her trachea.

“I killed that lady,” Tristen Kurilla, of Damascus Twp., Pa., told a state trooper Saturday. He was referring to Helen Novak, who, according to an autopsy performed Monday, died of blunt force trauma to the neck. Kurilla has been charged with criminal homicide and will, it appears, be tried as an adult.

You can read more of this horror story at

So when evil like this exists, how can gun controllers think that the rule of law will stop somebody when the very root of humanity is absent?  The answer is they can’t.  That is why gun control must be defeated.  A gun probably wouldn’t have helped Ms. Novak because evil sprung upon her with the speed of a snake and struck her down with hatred fueled venom.

But there are other times when law abiding citizens have been denied the right to defend themselves and found themselves face to face with evil and had to do the best they can because gun controllers prefer it that way.

Evil exists in the world.  By those who commit evil acts…and by those who enable them by ensuring their victims are disarmed.


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