Two PA Lawmakers Fight Off Mugging With Firearm

In Harrisburg, PA a pair of lawmakers, both Democrats, faced an attempted mugging last night at gunpoint after a session of the House went late.  According police:

State Rep. Marty Flynn of Scranton and State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro of Erie were approached around 11 p.m. Tuesday near the 200 block of Herr Street.  The pair was confronted by two muggers and a driver, the report said.

Marty Flynn, being no pushover as he is a former prison guard as well as an MMA fighter and armed citizen of the Commonwealth drew his weapon and engaged after the muggers allegedly fired a round at the lawmakers.  After Flynn returned fire the muggers quickly made their escape.  No one was reported hurt.

Now, while both Flynn and Bizzarro are Democrats they are Pennsylvanian Democrats (from Erie and Lackawanna respectively) and the Commonwealth may be one of the few places remaining where we have honest to goodness 2nd Amendment believing Democrats.  Bizzarro received a 92% rating with the NRA and as far as I can see, freshmen legislator Flynn has not endorsed or voted for any gun control measure.  The closest things would be his support for a landlords right to evict a tenant for an illegal discharge of a firearm, which to me seems reasonable.

In fact, both Assemblymen voted FOR a bill (PA House Bill 1796) that would give citizens the right to sue local municipalities if they find themselves victims of local gun control laws that are illegal under preemption.  A bill that was just past by the Senate and will soon become law.

Truth be told, this is one of the situations that I wished Flynn believed in a little gun control.  How else do you shoot at 2 muggers and a driver at close range and miss?  I suggest a little more time at the range to work on the control of his gun.

It is also my hope that should either Flynn or Bizzarro find themselves questioning which way to vote on legislation concerning either gun control or gun rights, that the take a minute and remember the night that a gun saved them.  That they acknowledge that they, as legislators, are not special and as such shouldn’t have special rights that are denied the “regular” citizen.

That if they were denied the right to keep and bear arms that they could be in a much worse condition than they find themselves now.

If they remember that and don’t bow to party politics then they should be two staunch allies for the 2nd Amendment for years to come.

Don’t be hypocrites like gun packing Dianne Feinstein and her international arms dealing husband.

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