Pretty Pin Ups With Guns, Utah is NOT Pleased [Video]

In a story that mashes together the reserved nature of Mormon dominated Utah, with the sexualized fits of fancy you would expect from a pin up calendar, a bit of situation has arisen in the Beehinve State.

The calendar maker, Hot Shots, filmed a promotional video of their models during the photoshoot that took place both in the desert flats as well has the mountain peaks of Utah.  The film and subsequent calendar utilized equipment from the Utah National Guard, both vehicles and weaponry.

Some in the state of Utah are not happy about it and as such are demanding an investigation into the entire situation.  I’m not exactly sure what they are looking to investigate as the video clearly shows that the bikini clad models are firing live ammo and rolling around in tanks and armored vehicles, not props.

Here, take a look for yourself.  Note, there are scantily clad women (like you would see at the beach) bouncing around shooting machine guns and rifles (like you would see at a beach spontaneously overrun by zombies), those who would find such things offensive are hereby warned:

Once again, I question what the calls for “investigations” are?

Obviously the Utah National Guard was involved as they had their own troops present to oversee the firing lines.  Plus, as I stated earlier, those were combat ready machines these girls were rolling in, not some flimsy Hollywood prop.

If some of the more uptight Utahans found this whole thing distressing I suppose that is there right.  But I would like to point out two things.

I’ve no doubt that morale among the National Guard troopers was at a all time high and considering (like many Guard Units) that Utah National Guardsmen have been deployed every year since 2005 to either Afghanistan or Iraq (with a small contingent still going to Kosovo) a little morale boost for the troops should be a welcomed thing.

The other thing is, while yes Hots Shots no doubt makes money off of the calendar, a large portion of it goes to Help For Heroes, the British foundation for wounded vets as well at the US’s, Special Operations Warriors Foundation.

These are noble foundations and the veterans who benefit from them deserve it.  I doubt any of them have a problem with a few pin up girls sending some hot lead done range.

It’s not like Jane Fonda playing kissy face with some Viet Cong, posing with an anti aircraft gun wishing she had some US Airman in her sights, while US POW’s are being brutalized right in front of her.

No, the Hot Shot models are some beach bunny Brits who are doing a calendar for a noble cause and happen to REALLY enjoy shooting guns.

The models are happy.  The Utah Guardsmen seem happy.  The veterans who benefit from calendar sales will be happy.

Let’s save the taxpayers of Utah some money and put aside the “investigation” and either be happy, or fire the guy who gave the ok, but seriously, this isn’t Hanoi Jane…this is Provo Army Barbie…that’s a good thing.


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