Backwards Bullet…what happens when you load a bullet backwards in a casing? [Video]

I have to admit, I never thought of this, but if you load your ammunition and choose to load the bullet in reverse it has some surprising results.

The theory is that by putting the concave portion of the bullet at the top, the shooter will have effectively created a projectile that will work as a hollow point round.

In the following video from the Ammo Channel, the host puts this theory to the test using .308 Winchester rounds that he loaded himself.

He uses both the traditional loading and the reverse loading then shoots into both ballistic jelly as well as steel plate.

I found the results to be rather interesting but not unsurprising.

Now, while the reverse bullet causes more damage I do have to wonder on the limitations of accuracy and distance that such a bullet might suffer.  Think of throwing an asymmetrical football with a regular conical end on one side and a flattened end on the other.  It would pretty much throw the same with the conical end going first, but the rotation wouldn’t work right if you throw the flat end first and as such, at least distance if not accuracy would suffer.

Yet, with even that being said, maybe a few rounds of improvised hollow points for the “just in case” apocalypse wouldn’t be the worst thing to keep around.


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