Police in NY Demand Facebook Profile and PASSWORD When Applying For Permit

Once again Cuomo and his rights shredding legislation, the SAFE Act, has matriculated to its inevitable evolution, that of casting off any pretense that law abiding citizens have privacy, rights or freedom within the Empire State.

In Watervliet, NY the police department is REQUIRING that petitioners for pistol permits hand over their Facebook profiles as well as their PASSWORD.  Would you like my pin# and a key to my safety deposit box at the bank too?  Heck, why don’t I invite you over on the night of my wedding and let you sleep with my wife all Braveheart primae noctis style.

It’s getting to the point that I’m not even surprised at Cuomo’s corrupt administration and blatant disregard for the rights of his citizens.  Citizens…it’s also getting to the point that I wonder how long New Yorkers will even warrant being called that; for they are on the fast track to subjugation.

A poster from nyfirearms.com was brave enough to recount publicly his ordeal despite the punitive repercussions from a petty and power mad government he may very well suffer.

“I had the form filled out with all my references, notarized, photos taken, driving record, and safety course. I went in and the officer took my folder in the back and came out and told me I have a lot more work to do and hands me a new packet including the main form except this one is on a thicker paper. This packet includes the forms to give my references which I was expecting. On the front page of this packet in the last space it says Facebook and password”

This is the document that he made public:

Gun-Registration Vliet


This is where the permit cover up begins.

When contacted for comment about this blatant violation of privacy, Chief Ron Boisvert, stated that the form should not have been included in the packet… but that it was for internal use only.

Internal use only?  What does that even mean?  Instead of asking the petitioner to write it down you ask them and then YOU fill it in?

When pressed Chief Boisvert begins to get dodgy and states while they don’t ask for the password they do require permit seekers to log into their facebook account and let the police snoop through it.

 “We ask the applicant to log on to Facebook in front of us. Pages they’ve looked at, friends – anything that reflects on the character of the applicant.”

As I am writing this I cannot help but give Chief Boisvert a German accent and hear him ask: “show me your papers, where are your papers.”

Yet I am still confused.  If Boisvert is saying that giving the password to a permit seekers Facebook account is not required, then WHY is it on the form regardless of whether it is for internal use only or not?  And to go on from that point, why would any of my personal information I am submitting for my permit be used for anything OTHER than internal use?

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that when people log on in front of Boisvert, like a slave at auction being stripped naked for the bidders to gawk at, he somehow steals the password and makes a note of it on the “internal use only” paper so that they can keep it on file and spy freely on the permit holders.

If that is not enough to make New Yorkers question how much the SAFE Act has improved their lives and what kind of state they actually live in, the veiled threat by Chief Boisvert issues when people refuse his probing might.  When asked what happens if people refuse to facilitate their own injustice, Chief Boisvert flippantly declares:

 “I’d just note the fact and send it to the Judges.”

That is to say, thanks to the corrupt and punitive “May Issue” system that New York has, that gives the ability to deny 2nd Amendment rights to an “issuing authority”, those who refuse to submit to Boisvert’s electronical voyeurism will be denied a permit and upon appeal the judges will fully be aware of your contempt of cop.

I wonder what exactly the “facts” will be on the note Boisvert sends to the judges?  No doubt something along the lines of how the petitioner was shady, evasive, contemptuous and a danger to society with disrespect to law enforcement etc etc etc.

Remember New York, this is just phase one.  Re-elect Andrew Cuomo and SAFE Act 2 will solidify the empire…because subjects don’t have rights or privacy that is not bestowed upon them by their leaders.

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