School Principal Arming Up to Protect His Students

Instead of putting his faith in imaginary magic force-fields generated by “gun free zone” signs, a school principal in Ohio is utilizing the opportunity provided him to do something that would actually make a difference in protecting his students.

In Trenton Ohio, Edgewood High School Principal  Russ Fussnecker has decided to take advantage of the law that gives him an ability to carry a firearm while at work.  While Fussnecker is a gun owner, he still needs his Concealed Weapons permit and then undergo special training in order to be allowed to carry while on school grounds.

The special training will be provided by the Butler County Sheriff’s department and upon successful completion, Fussnecker will earn the certification necessary to carry a loaded firearm into public school buildings.

When asked about his reasoning, Fussnecker stately plainly the difficulties are in regards to outsiders with malicious intent entering his school:

“If someone wants to come into a school building and create havoc and cause harm, it is hard to stop them.”

And arming the principal?

“It will make the school safer.”

Indeed it will.  Because in nearly every mass shooting that has taken place in a school, the attackers were cowards and the moment someone offered armed resistance by shooting back they (the mass shooter) would turn their gun on themselves and kill themselves.

Perhaps if a teacher or principal was armed at Sandy Hook, 26 innocent children and tadults would not have had to die for the sake of the political ideology that forces the hollow belief that gun free zone signs do anything to protect an area.

It is a shame that in other states and even in other parts of Ohio, school personnel are not utilizing the opportunity to protect the children under their charge.  Perhaps the liberal gun control ideology that has taken root in the teaching profession has made the death of innocent children more palatable in their minds than having a law abiding gun owner shoot dead a mass shooter.

And as disgusting as that thought is, gun controllers are so out of touch I don’t put it past them.  Recall if you will when the Brady Campaign published on their facebook page the following:



I’m glad that Principal Fussnecker does not hold onto the same doctrine that has cost the lives of so many innocent children and is willing to actually stand up and EFFECTIVELY defend them from evil that may befall them.

And Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones couldn’t agree more:

“We need to be bold and protect these students”

“Russ really cares about student safety, and he has been at the forefront of these efforts. I’m proud of him, and I’m proud of the Edgewood school board”

Now, if I had any children and was offered to send them to two identical schools in which the only difference was the signage outside of them that stated:











I’ll tell you right now, that is not a hard choice to make.


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