Canadian Takes A Hard Look At Own Country’s Hand Gun Ban

One of the biggest lies that Gun Controllers here in America like to spout off is that in countries where gun control is strict they have no mass shootings or crime of any sort.  The truth, as we are reminded this week in Canada, is much different.

And it is not just American’s who recognize the failure of gun control and its inherent empowering of criminals; here is what a French Canadian, born and raised had to say on the issue:


By now you’ve no doubt heard of the Canadian shooting tragedy to have taken place in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. My heart genuinely sinks for the victims, their families and anyone hurt by such an unnecessary travesty. Prayers their way.

Now, believe me, I hate the politicization of tragedy.  Sadly, the left has already begun to circle the travesty (both in the USA and Canada) before the bodies have even gone cold. Championing gun-bans will be the cause-du-jour, yet again. Expect Piers Morgan to show up. MomsDemandAction will feign outrage while raising funds hand over fist. Politicians will bend. Ineffective policies will be proposed. Liberties will be lost. Avoidance is no longer an option. This is today’s America (and yes, Canada).

Having been raised in Canada (Montreal, specifically), I’ve had the unique opportunity to experience stringent gun-laws and outright bans first-hand. For example, in my home province on Quebec, handguns are outright restricted and carrying them is borderline unthinkable. Intrusive gun registries?  Of course! Some of my friend’s parents had hunting rifles, though there were kept away under lock and key. Under no circumstances were they to be readily accessible for defense of self or home. Handguns? I’ve never known a single Quebecer in my life who’s owned one. Not one.

Has any of that kept the province safer from mass-shootings? The answer in short, is no.  In my lifetime alone, in my home city (not province, but city) alone, I’ve witnessed…

The Montreal Massacre In 1989, Marc Lepine separated male from female students at the “École Polytechnique”, claiming that he was “fighting feminism” and shot twenty eight people before killing himself.  He specifically targeted women to execute.  Sickening. Fifteen were killed.

The Concordia Massacre: In 1992, Dr. Valery I. Fabrikant took three guns to Concordia university, opening fire on the ninth floor of the Henry F. Hall building. He shot five people, killing four.  Here’s the worst part…

Read more at: Do Gun Bans Work? A Canadian Story/Study

All the examples that he goes on to list have one glaring thing in common…they ALL happened in so called “gun free zones”, yet in a shocking twist, criminals decided NOT to follow the signs.

Yet, as gun controllers are want to do, they will point at the absolute failure of gun control as reasoning for more gun control after the most recent rash of violence.

According to the author of the linked article, 90% of Canadians do not want stricter gun control, hopefully they will rise and make their voices heard in Parliament and our neighbors to the north can enjoy some of the freedoms that we, to the south, do.


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