The Flipside – A Comedy News Show That Doesn’t Hate America

Truth be told, the Colbert Show is funny and the Daily Show has its moments but then Jon Stewart will take a hard left and jump the rails from being a fair game comic to a liberal idealogue.  Suffice it to say that I had long wished that there were a fun show covering news topics that didn’t hate my viewpoints and values…you know…America.

I’ve had enough diatribes by Jon Stewart about how guns are the problem, or Stephen Colbert using satire to make gun rights supporters look like idiots while his character supports them.

It was to the point that it was like watching a viewable version of BSNBC…whoops, I meant MSNBC…hmmm…or did I, they both fit.

It was with great delight that I found that there was at least one show out there that is bucking the trend, aptly named, “The Flipside.”

The brainchild of Rodney Lee Conover, Conover describes it as “the antidote to Jon Stewart, Colbert and Bill Maher.”

Here, take a look at an opening monologue and see the difference:

The host, Michael Loftus, makes some great points, utilizing wit and sharp sarcasm, to drive the points home while giving the audience a good laugh.  Sadly of course, it’s funny because it’s true but it leaves the viewer with the hope of beating back the liberal drivel that has be espoused on television for years.

As Loftus states:

“I really want an optimistic outlook included in what we do. I want something upbeat. Audiences can go anywhere if they want to end up pissed off and angry. And I don’t think that Democrats and independents or anyone else owns the right to be optimistic.”

On how this new breath of hope is being recieved, Executive Producer Kfir Alfia said this:

“The reaction has been very positive. A lot of people have been waiting for a show that doesn’t slam America at every turn, or push a socialist agenda.  Even if we were completely neutral, the audience would see it as a breath of fresh air. They’ve been waiting for a show like this.”

If you want information on where and when to find the Flipside on your local cable provider go to Flipsides homepage for information at:

If your area isn’t among one of the 200(and growing) stations airing the Flipside, call your local cable provider and demand a show that you want to watch.  Do not let Comedy Central and elite liberal Hollywood dictate what is funny in America.

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