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Criminals and Sexual Predators Love Gun Control, Just Ask Andrew Cuomo

I think it it finally coming together, the reasoning WHY New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is so enamored by gun control that he broke procedure, hijacked the legislative process and jammed the SAFE Act down the throats of New Yorkers in the dead of night; he’s a criminal.

You see, Andrew Cuomo has been called the Patron Saint of Wife Beaters and Rapists for his track record of letting men off the hook who have abused women.  Women, mind you, that might have had the ability to change the circumstances had they been armed.

Going back to the year BEFORE he was governor, then Attorney General Cuomo, let admitted wife beater Judge James Peck off the hook.  Why exactly did Cuomo choose to engage in Honest Services Fraud with his corrupt use of prosecutorial discretion?  This minute long video from 2010 clears it up concisely:

It would be one thing if this was just an isolated incident with regards to Cuomo’s personal war on women, yet his cronyism has often left women victims at the hands of Cuomo’s friends.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has been burying sexual assault and harassment charges for years while in Albany, yet Andrew Cuomo has turned a blind eye to both Silver’s actions in the coverups as well as the assaults on the women perpetrated by other high ranking democrats.

In the case against former Brooklyn Assemblymen Vito Lopez, two of his victims testified in court that Sheldon Silver was an “aider and abettor” of the alleged groping and unwanted come-ons.  The two women who have come forward, Victoria Burhans and Chloe Rivera, have stated that Silver has a long history of “covering up” the sexual predation by democrats on young women.  Before Burhans and Rivera were hired, THREE other women had complained to the Assembly’s counsel about the unwanted touching and advances by Lopez.

Silver authorized a “confidential” settlement of more than $103,800 for two of them and reassigned the other to another Assembly job.  That six figures settlement was with TAXPAYER MONEY by the way.  Yet no action was taken against Lopez so he was free to abuse Burhans and Rivera.

Nor is this an isolated incident with one rogue Assemblyman.  Assemblyman Micah Kellner made like “a living hell” for one young staffer who rebuffed his advances.  According to a source in his own office at the time:  “It was horrible. “It was a terrible poisonous situation.”

In 2009 Kellner sent inappropriate texts and electronic messages to the young staffer, she rejected his advances and according to the source from Kellners office his reaction was brutal.

“She was treated very badly after she told him to stop.  He completely changed the way he treated her in the office … He picked apart everything she did … It was the definition of a hostile environment.”

How was this matter treated when the young staffer came to the Assembly counsel looking for help?

Silver covered it up once again and only 4 years later does it make it to the light of day.

In regards to the coverups, Government reformer, Susan Lerner of Common Cause, simply states that:

“The speaker is doing exactly what his conference wants him do.”

And who is the top Democrat in the state?  Who had the power to move decisively to ensure that the climate in which young women were victimized and harrassed was no longer tolerated?  Who stood by and did NOTHING?

That would be Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Actually, I take that back, Cuomo disbanded the Moreland Commission, which was set up to investigate Public Corruption.  An act that has him facing a pending Corruption charge from the Attorney General’s office.

On top of that, while those in his own party were abusing women, Cuomo forced the passage of the SAFE Act to ensure that criminals like these (and all men who assault women) could continue to sexual assault and prey upon without fear that a woman would pull out an equalizer and defend themselves.

But what of public rebukes of Assembly Speaker Silver?  What of a statement of condemnation from the Governor’s office?  What of Cuomo calling for Silver to step down?

Nothing but silence.

Cuomo’s hands are just as dirty for aiding and abetting sexual predators as Sheldon Silver is.  It started before he assumed the Governorship when he was letting wife beating buddies of his off the hook as Attorney General, and it continues now in Albany.

I guess it’s fortunate for Cuomo’s wife beating and “rapists in training” friends, that there is such strict gun control in New York nowor else abusing and preying on women might get dangerous.

Like I said, criminals love gun control.


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