IRS Sets Precedent For Governmental Gun Seizure Without Charges

In America we have this understanding that we are innocent until PROVEN guilty.  Unfortunately, a law concerning the Internal Revenue Service has flipped that notion on its head and it is a reversal of fortune that believers of 2nd Amendment should take notice of.

Using the “Civil Asset  Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000” the IRS can quite simply seize a persons entire fortune without actually filing any charges against them.  It is up to the victim of the IRS to hire a lawyer and pay the legal fees in order to prove that their life savings are legitimate.

Initially concocted under the notion of combating drug traffickers, gangsters and terrorists, the Act has been used mostly against law abiding citizens.  In 2012 for instance, 639 people had their assets seized, only about 1 in 5 of which ever led to any criminal charges.  That means 80% of those people were innocent of any wrongdoing and had to either file bankruptcy, go into massive debt fighting, or take a settlement offer for a fraction of the money that the IRS seized in the first place.

The New York Times Reports: When no criminal activity is charged, the IRS often negotiates to return only part of the seized money, leaving impoverished citizens with little option but to either accept the IRS’ offer or continue a lengthy and very expensive legal battle to try to get their legitimately earned money back.

When it comes down to it, this is basically government racketeering and extortion.

How it works is, the government tracks how much money you put into the bank.  If you do anything “suspicious” like put in less than $10,000 cash (the level above which must be reported) then the IRS can assume you are a criminal and seize your assets.

Here’s the rub:


That’s right. It would be like a cop getting 20% of the proceeds from every ticket he writes.  Do you think ticket writing abuse might take place?  Of course it would.

And who are these people who are having their lives ruined?

Army Sgt. Jeff Cortazzo was saving up for his daughters’ college education when the IRS seized $66,000 of his money – it cost him $21,000 to get the remainder back.  His daughter had to delay going to college for one year.

In Long Island, NY a 27 year old candy company that deals heavily in cash made daily deposits between $5,000 and $10,000 and had their entire bank account consisting of $447,000 seized.  That company, with no criminal charges filed, is now $300,000 in debt.  The IRS offered a pennies on the dollar settlement which the company refused.  Remember…NO CRIMINAL CHARGES.

The company’s attorney,  Josh Potashnik stately his thoughts on the matter: “I don’t think they’re (the IRS) really interested in anything. They just want the money.”  Of course they do, they get to keep most of it.

Carol Hinders runs a Mexican Restaurant in Arnold’s Park, Iowa.  Another small business dealing in cash, Hinders saw her entire $33,000 personal life savings seized by the government because she would make daily deposits of profit that just happened to be less than the $10,000 reporting limit.  In order to stay in business while the IRS keeps her money, Hinders has maxed out her credit and taken a second mortgage out on her home.

So what has the CAFR Act of 2000 really done?  It has created a dragnet of law enforcement agencies, backed by the IRS, who go out trolling for innocent people who they can legally rob and hold hostage while and then are REWARDED with a portion of the seized assets.  Remember…all with NO CRIMINAL CHARGES being filed or even pursued.

Why is this important to gun owners?

This is a precedent being set.  If the IRS doesn’t need actual proof or are required to file charges in order to seize the entire life savings of an innocent person, then the day may come when the ATF doesn’t need proof or have to file charges in order to seize the entire gun collection of an innocent person.

Think about it.  What if, in order to “protect the children” and “fight terrorism” a law was passed that required you to report whenever you purchase more than 5 guns a month.  A load of BS I know.  But then what if they passed an accompanying law that gave the ATF the right to seize all weapons from “suspicious” gun buyers?  The only thing suspicious being that you only bought 4 in one month.

Thanks to the precedent set by the IRS, that is all it would take to assume you were trying to duck the reporting requirement.  Next thing you know you have ATF agents raiding your house, shooting your dog and seizing every firearm you own.

On top of all that tyranny, the ATF and cooperating law enforcement agencies get to KEEP some of your guns for themselves.  And even if you are never charged with a crime, the amount of time and money it would cost to prove that you are innocent and get your weapons back would be greater than the value of them to begin with.

Its as brilliant a scheme as it is sickening.  Basically we have incentivised and sanctioned the tyrannizing of law abiding citizens.

The IRS has opened the door and it is only a matter of time before gun control loving politicians try to bestow the same powers on the ATF.

America, where you are innocent until proven guilty…unless you have something the government wants to steal.

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