Another Reason to keep and bear arms: Feral Hogs

As anyone with a real understanding about the 2nd Amendment knows, it has nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with the defense of liberty against freedom.  The defense of our lives against danger.  The defense of our land against aggression.

Yet, oddly enough, it seems the time has arrived when the true reason for the 2nd Amendment and hunting meet for a common purpose.  Namely, wild hogs.

Now, a lot of people in the North East and the Mountain West may not realize wild hogs are a problem but unless the swine invasion is stopped, they will soon realize just how big a problem it is firsthand.

Over the past 3 decades, the feral hog population in America has exploded to the tune of about 5 million hogs in 39 states.

Hogs were first brought to these shores in the 1600’s and were allowed to roam free.  Of course, some got free and established a feral community in the south, much in the same way the dingo established itself in Australia.  For the first 300 years or so the population grew steadily but not out of control.  Recently though, the piglet boom has this mud wallowing menace on the move, heading north and leaving a wake of destruction in it’s path.

These menaces eat crops, ruin fields by rooting them up, contaminate water supplies by defecating in them, and threaten the survival of local species wherever they invade.  Totaled, this is a $1.5 BILLION problem (annually) and it’s only getting worse.

And before anybody starts thinking of cute little Wilbur and Charlotte’s Web, let me show you the kind of pig I am talking about:

big pig

That porker was shot in Nebraska.

This one was killed in Florida:


And North Carolina:



Suffice it to say, these things are massive AND they run in packs.

Gun Controllers ask who needs to hunt with an AR-15?  I’ll tell you who…THESE GUYS.

I’m not taking granpappy’s ole shotgun to hunt creatures more at home in the Game of Thrones.

And these creatures NEED to be stopped or else they will effectively break the back of the US agricultural economy.

What to do?

The federal government is spending $20,000,000 to thin the ranks of the feral hogs.

The USDA program involves destroying the wild pig population in two states every few years, starting with the states that have the fewest pigs. Among techniques for doing so are trapping, shooting pigs from helicopters, and sending a radio-collared “Judas pig” to reveal the whereabouts of his group. Meanwhile, some experts are calling for poisoning the animals.

While it is good to see the government to SOMETHING I guess, the answer couldn’t be simpler.  Pay citizens to bounty hunt these pigs to extinction, or at least to a controllable population.

I mean seriously, how many hogs are going to die by trapping?  How much will fuel cost and at what benefit will shooting from helicopters be?  I do like the “Judas pig” idea, but POISONING the animals?  Once again the experts don’t see the forest for the trees.  There are 5 MILLION pigs out there that need a killin.  How much hunger could you wipe out with that much other white meat?

Answer: A lot.

Feral Hogs are a serious threat to national security (via the economy), personal safety (hogs are notoriously aggressive) and property.  As such, if the federal government was wise it would spend its money better and just employ the citizens of this country to hunt the hogs until their trigger fingers ache.  Heck, that would even help lessen the dire problem with unemployment we’re currently facing.

My plan would feed the hungry, get people back to work and save the country.

Of course it makes too much sense and as such will be ignored by the government and the menace of the pig menace will continue to flow unabated.


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