Election time…who should I vote for? Candidate Ratings

With elections across the nation happening next Tuesday, many voters may still be on the fence about who to vote for.  With all the campaigning and outside money flooding into states around the nation it is hard to get an accurate reading on where candidates line up on the notion of gun right versus gun control.

From some of the campaigning it sounds like staunch gun control advocates have become Charlton Heston reborn.

Now, as readers of Bullets First know I have made my feelings very clear about 2 elections in particular.  Mainly the Gubernatorial races in New York and Colorado.

In New York, Andrew Cuomo is so confident in his disdain for the rights of the citizens that he is prepared to push SAFE Act 2 into law upon his reelection.

His opponent, Rob Astorino has unequivically stated that he will repeal the SAFE Act.

In Colorado, Hickenlooper is trying to rewrite the past and make everyone forget about the rights shredding and pointless gun control he has passed there.  And if that doesn’t work he is threatening to pardon a mass shooting murderer if he is not re-elected.

His oppenent, Bob Beauprez has a history of supporting gun rights and voting against gun control bills while a member of the House of Representatives.

I think for those who love liberty and hate scumbags, Astorino and Beauprez are the way to go this election.

Yet this is a big country with lots of elections and I can’t research them all.  Fortunately, our friends at Gun Owners of America have done the research for us.

You see, while Bloomberg and his billion dollar gun hating cronies try to buy elections and misrepresent the records of his supported candidates in an attempt to bamboozle the masses into voting for his puppets, Gun Owners of America digs deep into the RECORD of candidates.  And if those candidates are found wanting or wavering on the Second Amendment, GOA has no qualms about putting it out there.  They do not compromise.

Whereas another national rifle advocacy group (that shall remain nameless) was giving a B+ rating to Harry Reid up until 2010, GOA saw the wolf in sheep’s clothing for what it was.

With that being said, here is the 2014 Federal Election Voter Guide provided by Gun Owners of America.

2014 Voter Guide 

Don’t forget to vote next Tuesday.  Don’t let the gun grabbers and their mouth drooling zealot followers decide the future of the 2nd Amendment in America.


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