Here’s Some Advice, STOP Moving Into Houses Run By HOA’s

Homeowners Associations may have started out with the best of intentions but have morphed into a ego driven, group think run, oligarchy of nosy nimwits who seem to, more often than not, hate America.

As I had written earlier in the month, such a group in Indiana had fired a groundskeeper for having a gun at his OWN home.

But this is not an isolated incident but rather a reflection of HOA’s and private communities who are run by people who think they can have their own fiefdom.

Once again in Indiana, this time Fieldstone Homeowners Association has told Korean War Veteran, Bob Willits, that he cannot fly his American and POW/MIA flags in his OWN FRONT YARD.

The HOA claims that it isn’t against the flag but that it is on a flag pole.

Basically they are saying that they don’t have a problem with the flag being displayed…they have a problem with the flag being displayed PROMINENTLY.  The HOA’s reasoning behind it is as thin as their skin, they claim that the groundskeepers who maintain the lawn (that Willits owns) can’t do their job because of the flag pole.  The job they are referring to is cutting the grass.

First of all, it’s not like Willits is parking his car on the grass and telling the grounds crew to mow around it.  It’s a flag pole, if they couldn’t manage the “complex” manuevering of a lawnmower around a metal cylinder with the circumference of two hands cupped together, Fieldstone should find better help.

Yet here’s the thing.  The flagpole isn’t on an unadorned patch of grass.  It’s in the center of a flower bed.

willits flag


So what exactly is the problem?

The only problem I see is that a HOA is once again trying to deny people the use of their own property in a manner that they seem fitting.  And if HOA’s are allowed to get away with tearing down the flag, how much longer before they start passing ordinances that say “no open carrying of firearms” or “no firearms within the HOA”?

Now, you might say the 2nd Amendment is sacrosanct and they can’t touch it, but the truth is that the HOA scam can argue that you agreed with their edicts when you decided to buy the house and as such join the HOA.

It’s kind of like the old public union shakedown Wisconsin, if you want a job you HAVE to join the union.

People need to stop moving into HOA’s, stop adhering to their nonsense and reclaim their own property, using it as they see fit.


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