Judge and Commissioner Conspire To Disarm Citizens – Leads to Armed Robbery

In a case of liberal gun grabbing judicial activism run amok, Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens ignored state law when he banned concealed carry at the North Carolina State Fair.  Stephens ruling came in a challenge against Agricultural Commissioner Steve Troxler summarily banning concealed carry at the state fair…a power he actually doesn’t have.

Yet when the pro-gun group Grass Roots North Carolina took this seemingly slam dunk case to court to have Troxler’s dreams of monarchy reigned in, they only found a jurist who would wantonly ignore the rule of law and pass judgment based on his own biases against the 2nd Amendment.  In short, ruling the illegal, legal.

In the judges own words, he commits to finding a way to uphold the ban, whether legal or not:

 “I do believe it would be unwise and imprudent for firearms to be carried into the State Fair, and if there is some way I can interpret these statutes to prohibit that, I will.’”

With that logic, I can interpret clouds as being giant floating balls of cotton.

Judge Stephens is a disgrace to his robes and should be disbarred, not for making a bad ruling, but willfully ignoring the law to promote his own agenda.  Not only should Commissioner Troxler be fired for knowingly infringing on the rights of the people attending the state fair, but he should be held financially responsible for the court costs associated with the lawsuit regarding his illegal order.

Both these men are complicit in hijacking the rule of law and as such are disgraces.

They are also both directly responsible for the fallout of their corrupt actions.

Namely, the armed robbery of two state fair goers early this week.

Police say the victims were walking to their vehicles after returning from the North Carolina State Fair around 11:30 p.m. when the armed men approached them and stole their wallets.

Thanks to the actions of Stephens and Troxler, criminals have been given a homing beacon for unarmed targets.  Once again criminals ignore the law while the innocent suffer because of the actions of gun control zealots.  They should be ashamed but no doubt both Stephens and Troxler think it all worked out for the best as the criminals managed to escape unharmed.

The 2013 law that legalizes the carrying on firearms on nearly all state property, INCLUDING the state fair, was intended to prevent such things from occurring.

This once again proves that elections matter, even small ones for judges and commissioners.  The outcomes have consequences, and in this case that consequence is the conspiring of two law breakers to help two other law breakers at the expense of the innocent.

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