The Betrayal of Chris Christie

No doubt Chris Christie, head of the Republican Governor’s Association, will attempt to take credit for the upset wins by Republican Gubernatorial Candidates in Maryland, Illinois and Massachusetts.  Yet the bullying loudmouth, Soprano wannabee from New Jersey is just a two faced opportunist looking out for his own self interest and should not be trusted or praised by Republicans.

Chris Christie abandoned Republican hopes for New York, not only by refusing to contribue RGA funds in helping Republican candidate Rob Astorino take on Gov. Andrew Cuomo but by being his usual bloviating loudmouth of an ass self and saying this:

“We don’t pay for landslides and we don’t invest in lost causes.  If the New York race becomes competitive, I’ll consider campaigning in the New York race, but right now, by the public polls, there’s a lot more competitive races like this one in Connecticut.”

First of all, by saying your fellow Republican candidate’s chances are a lost cause, you throw that out into the world to infect the perception of people who might have gone out and voted for the man, you undercut his fundraising attempts and you deflate would be supporters from even taking a look at him.

Secondly, Mr. Christie, you are a big fat liar. You want to look at polls?  Let’s look at polls.

In Maryland, Larry Hogan was trailing by 13 points before you infused his campaign with RGA funds.

In Pennsylvania, you gave MILLIONS to Tom Corbett who was mostly a 20+ point underdog for reelection since January.  But the difference is that Corbett was ALL READY KNOWN and as such, pouring money into his race would affect less than helping Rob Astorino introduce himself to the New York voters.  Giving Astorino an influx of $6 million dollars would have moved the needle much more dramatically than squandering it in Pennsylvania where people knew why they didn’t like Corbett.

Not to mention that the RGA gave nearly $2 million to Christie himself when he won in a landslide victory of 22 points in 2013 and would have won handily even without the money.

But Christie was also directed funds to Republican candidates who were WINNING by landslides too.  The polls in NM and Iowa was giving the Republican candidates leads of over 15 points steadily throughout the year yet Christie directed the RGA to give them $500,000 and $800,000 respectively.  If landslides aren’t going to change than why waste money when the cause is all ready won?

And then there is Scott Walker.

Why, oh why did the RGA CUT his funding in half during the last two weeks of his campaign and divert more money to the Michigan race?  True, Michigan has a bigger population but Republican Gov. Rick Snyder had a 6 point lead going into the race while Scott Walker was fighting for his political life and tied with his opponent.  Could it be that Scott Walker has been talked about as a Presidential Candidate in 2016 and as such would be competition to Chris Christie?  A Walker loss would have cleared a future opponent off the board for Christie in the future.

Finally, if there was ONE gubernatorial race that was prime for an upset due to a flawed, corrupt and tone deaf governor, it was New York.  If Astorino had the funds to hammer home Cuomo’s corruption with the Moreland Commission, his fence sitting on hydraulic fracking, his disdain for upstate New Yorkers, his plans for SAFE Act 2 and everything else that an informed voter would be repelled by, Astorino would have had a legitimate shot of taking out Cuomo.

So I have to ask myself, why exactly Christie was so willing to help two candidates that faced equally daunting polling numbers to Astorino with MILLIONS of dollars, yet left the Republican from New York to fend for himself?

The answer is that Christie and Cuomo are in bed together and have been for a while.

During the bridge to Ft. Lee fiasco when a petulant Christie closed the bridge to inconvenience a rival, he called Cuomo and asked that he get the Executive Director of the New York Port Authority to back off the investigation.  Originally reported by the Wall Street Journal

Either it is a cosmic coincidence or a repaying of a favor that Christies comment about the Astorino campaign being a “lost cause” came two days before the Moreland Commission scandal hit the news.  Had Christie kept his fat mouth shut, Astorino could have gotten a bigger launch from Cuomo’s corruption.

There are other connections between the two neighboring Governors as well. One of Christie’s top political strategists Mike DuHaime is an Partner at Mercury public affairs. Mike McKeon is also an Partner at Mercury, where he once headed up “Republicans for Cuomo” in 2010. McKeon also helped spearhead a “conversation” with Republicans for Governor Cuomo at the Harvard Club earlier this year.

So what does this all tell us?  Governors’ Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo are in bed together.  They are willing to help each other out when scandals hit, with Christie going so far as undercutting a fellow Republican in order to protect his buddy Cuomo’s job.

Christie is a farce, a traitor to his party and a two faced coward for the 2nd Amendment.

Remember how he left a single mother to face hard time because she took a wrong turn into his cesspool of a state?

Or how he freely signs gun control measures into law instead of taking a stand and vetoing them and forcing the legislature to override him?

And Chris Christie wants to be President?  A REPUBLICAN nominated President?

Chris Christie will betray, hamstring, undercut and leave out to dry anyone who doesn’t advance his political aspirations, be they innocent bystander, potential rival or supposed friend.

He is a man not to be trusted and one who should be relegated to New Jersey where he and the state deserve each other.


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