Business Thrives As Owner Offers Discount to Gun Owners

In a story that no doubt has the mouth breathers of the gun control zealot crowd fuming, a restaurant owner has bucked the pressure from gun control groups to ban firearms from his establishment and in fact has offered discounts to those who come in packing heat.

Keven Cox, owner of Bergeron’s Restaurant in Port Allen Louisiana, decided that his establishment would not cave to the pressures of groups like Mom’s Demand Action and become a place of bigotry and denials of civil rights.  Unlike businesses like Target and Starbucks, Cox has made a stand for freedom and was not cowed by the bleating of the gun controllers.

In fact, not only has Cox continued to allow people to patron his restaurant while carrying a firearm, he has even incentivised doing so by offering a 10% discount to anyone who is carrying a firearm.

The discount went into effect two weeks ago and the response has been overwhelming.  Bergeron’s has seen a profit of over 15% since the discount started.  About the response Cox had this to say:

“Today will be the busiest Tuesday I’ve ever had; and Saturday was the day I felt the real impact.  It has just been crazy good. And most of them don’t even carry guns. They’re just happy I support the Second Amendment and they’re supporting the policy.”

There’s a gem of knowledge in there for business owners.  Unlike the hysterics of gun controllers who vow never to enter a place that allows guns, whose histrionics are just for show and chances are they never patroned the establishment in the first place or won’t back up their hollow threats;  gun owners take bigotry very personally and will support places they feel accepted.

Cox speaks on this too stating:

“ ‘Somebody needs to stand up and say something’ — that’s what I’m hearing from folks. It feels great,”

Not surprisingly there has been no surge of support or revenue for places that have banned guns (or copped out and have a new policy “asking” that guns not be brought in) such as Jack in the Box, Starbucks, or Chipolte.  Color me not surprised.

But this isn’t all just a coincidence.  The patrons of Bergeron’s Restaurant have categorically stated that they are more inclined to eat there now that this policy is known.  Not just for the discount, which is nice, but because Kevin Cox has now publicly stated that they (and their rights) are welcome in the front door.

Baton Rouge couple Doug Brown and Mary Smith disagree, saying Bergeron’s new discount policy convinced them on Tuesday it was time to patronize a restaurant they had only passed by during their commutes on the west side of the Mississippi River.

Brown states: “I’m a gun advocate. If there’s a place that doesn’t allow guns, I’m not going to patronize that business.”

Dee Ross, a retiree from Baton Rouge followed up on that sentiment when describing his recent surging patronage of Bergeron’s (three visits since the discount came into play): “I don’t know of any other place on either side of the river that encourages this, and I’m certainly not going to just walk into a place with my gun to find out.”

Cox wondered if the discount would spread among other businesses, especially based on his success and increased profits.

I would wager that when businesses begin to look past the hysterical shrieking of gun control banshees and their astro turf “movements” they will realize which side their bread is buttered on and be more welcoming to gun owners.  Unlike the great lie that gun controllers spew forth, they won’t actually stop their patronage of a business if it allows guns.  They will just bluster and threaten because they think that is usually all it will take, regrettably, too often they are right.

But gun owners will NOT stand for bigotry and the denial of their God given civil rights and will actually stop going to a business that discriminates them.  So places that deny gun owners their rights are in a losing proposition.  They will not gain gun controllers, but will lose gun owners.

I see the actions and results that Kevin Cox is experiencing to begin to beat back the narrow minded idiocy and terroristic threats of the gun control crowd.  Perhaps slowly at first, but once it gets going, pro gun businesses will start raking in money, hand over fist and leave so called “gun free zone” businesses flapping in the wind.

On a side note, Bergeron’s Restaurant is probably the safest place to eat dinner in all of Port Allen!

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