Ferguson Residents Turn To The 2nd Amendment To Protect Themselves

As was the intent of the Founding Fathers, the people and shop owners of Ferguson Missouri are exercising their God given rights to defend themselves which is causing a spike in gun sales.

The law abiding people of the city have little faith that the police will be able to contain the crowd of rabid rioters who will explode onto the streets when they don’t hear what they want to with regards to the Grand Jury decision concerning Officer Darren Wilson’s fate.  Officer Wilson, as you may recall, shot dead convienince store robber Michael Brown when Brown attacked him through the window of his police cruiser.

But, since Brown is black and Wilson is white, the race  baiters and Obama administration (redundant, I know) have poured fuel on the fire to make sure this is a matter of a black man being shot by a white man, not a criminal who attacked a police officer.

There is a different kind of fallout that I doubt Obama was expecting and is described by Liberty Unyielding:

In anticipation of violence following a grand jury decision on Officer Darren Wilson’s fate, gun sales in the area have “spiked” by 50%.

As reported at CNN, several gun store owners confirmed that they have been seeing a brisk business as residents fear violent protests should a grand jury fail to indict the decorated police officer, who has become a symbol of racist police brutality, warranted or not.

One store owner, Steven King, was quoted as saying, “People are afraid they are gonna throw Molotov cocktails,” referring to protesters who are not expected to take too kindly to their scapegoat getting off the hook. “A lot of black people coming in saying they are afraid of the hooliganism,” King added.

Ferguson has attracted more than it’s fair share of radical left wing groups who have descended upon the town and have stirred up violence and anger. Much of the violence, not surprisingly, was not perpetuated by Ferguson residents, who are purchasing weapons because they are “concerned about the response to the grand jury decision.”
Read the rest of the article at http://libertyunyielding.com/2014/11/12/gun-sales-spike-in-ferguson-as-residents-fear-violence/#QBEEHL1vdTBEk9qb.99

Once again, outside forces and race baiters descend upon a place to disregard the facts and push forward their own agenda.  In doing so they bring along all the violent crazies, rioters and looters.  They stoke the mob until it is seething and are just waiting for the spark.  I’d wager that such a spark will come when Officer Wilson is not charged by the grand jury because they will actually listen to the evidence and not the liberal media spin and half truths of the matter.

Then the riots will break out.

But unlike the LA riots back in 1992, more than just the Koreans will be prepared.

I reference of course that while nearly the entirety of LA burned during the riots thanks to looters and gang bangers, Koreatown stayed largely intact because the Koreans were on their rooftops with, what the gun haters like to imporperly call, “assault rifles.”

Korean-Americans refer to the riots as Sah-E-Goo which translates to four-two-nine, as in April 29th, the day the riots began.  While stores owned by all races were hit by looting Korean and Asian owned stores were specifically targeted.   When the police abandoned Koreatown, the store owners and their families organized security teams to protect their property and businesses.

Now, these security teams didn’t have whistles or batons, they were armed with Semi automatic rifles (or assault rifles if you will) and they needed them.  From the rooftops of their stores, gunfire battles raged between the looters and the store owners.  But these shepherds kept the wolves at bay until order returned to the city.


Read the rest of that amazing story at https://bulletsfirst.net/2012/09/19/saved-by-a-semi-automatic-assault-rifle-the-story-of-koreatown-during-the-la-riots/#OiI04wVq38W6XZ42.99

So once again, when the police are on the verge of failing and a city is on the brink of falling into chaos, the people are arming themselves in order to protect their lives, their loved ones, their property and their livelihoods.

This is what the 2nd Amendment is meant to do.  This is why, not for hunting, a person needs a so called “assault” rifle.  Because a single six shooter is not going to stop a mob that want to burn your home and business to the ground, steal all your stuff and gang rape your daughter.  I doubt sound of a handgun would make it over the din of the crowd, but a few rapid bursts from an AK-47 will challenge even the most stout of crowds.

It’s what saved Koreatown back in 1992 and it is the lesson that the residents of Ferguson are taking with them now.

Once again, guns save the day.


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