Gun Control Zealots in Wisconsin Try to Spin Low Gun Crime Statistics Into an Epidemic

Unfortunately, the state of Wisconsin has recently suffered it’s 100th homicide in which a firearm was used.  Note what I just said…the STATE of Wisconisin…that’s the entire population of rougly 5.75 MILLION people.  Bad things happen, but those 100 murders in a relatively gun friendly state is a LOW number.

For an apples to apples comparison, let’s look at a right’s infringing state of the same size: Maryland.  Maryland and Wisconsin are 19th and 20th most populated states in the Union.  Yet, while Wisconsin gets a respectable C- grade from the Brady Campaign (strive for that F) Maryland receives a stomach turning “A” and is ranked the 4th most freedom oppressed state in the country behind California, Connecticut and New Jersey.  Maryland even ranks higher than New York who comes in fifth even with enacting the SAFE Act.

According to gun controllers, with all of those restrictions and rights being infringed, Maryland should be a idyllic utopia free of gun crime.  Of course, as is the way with gun control, their extrapolations are all nonsense.

Remember, the State of Wisconsin, as of 11/18/14 has suffered from 100 firearm related homicides.

The CITY of BALTIMORE has had over 150 firearm related homicides so far this year.

That is ONE city in the gun controller utopia of Maryland.

And i’m not talking about the urban sprawl or metro area which could include millions of people.  I’m talking about the city of Baltimore and its population of 620,000 people.

Gun control has made living in Baltimore, based on population and rate of crime, 1350 times MORE dangerous than living anywhere in the state of Wisconsin.  As for the entire state of Maryland, it’s citizens are on pace to be 4 times more likely to be murdered by a gun than those living in Wisconsin.

One of those reasons that the  Wisconsin is so safe and the Gun Control utopia that is Maryland is not?  Innocent Wisconsinites can shoot back while innocent Marylanders have been disarmed by their government.

Wisconsin…don’t be Maryland.  Even Maryland doesn’t want to be Maryland in this, hence the last governor’s election.

But even with the low crime and safety of Wisconsin, there are those mouth drooling gun control zealots who will try to bamboozle the public in thinking that they are living in a warzone.

People like  Jeri Bonavia, executive director of Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort.

Bonavia would have you believe that 100 murders, while tragic, means that the state is on the precipice of turning into Beirut circa 1982.  Bonavia states:

“On a broader scale, the key to curbing statewide gun violence will be keeping the hands out of criminals and “truly dangerous people”

Truly dangerous people?  When talking to gun controllers, they tend to think that ANYONE who believes in the 2nd Amendment is a “truly dangerous” person.  Once again, gun controllers are bathing in the blood of the innocent to try and advance their agenda, irregardless to the fact that gun control does nothing to stop criminals from actually committing crime.

Am I saying that there is nothing that can be done?  Not at all.  In fact, Jeff Nass, the  NRA’s WI-Force executive director points out a clear solution that can be done immediately to reduce the amount of gun crime in the state without passing a single law or infringing on the law abiding populaces rights.

“The majority of the people who are found guilty of gun homicide have a history of “very serious” charges, which were either dropped or for which they served no jail time.  The state’s prosecution is notorious for allowing these people to continue to roam Wisconsin’s streets.”

As Nass points out, you can’t have a revolving door for criminals and then cry about why they are committing crimes.  To try and punish the law abiding by denying them their rights because the system is allowing these criminals back on the streets is both ridiculous and unacceptable.

Nass encapsulates this myth that is gun control by saying:

“Bad people can and do have access to instruments that they can use in crime, whether it’s a firearm or anything else.  They don’t worry about doing things legally … The problem isn’t the firearms, it’s the criminals.”

Of course, Bonavia, being one of those who never met a gun control law she didn’t like, disagrees and claims that further background checks are the only way to stop criminals from using firearms in homicides.

I can think of another way to stop criminals from shooting innocent people…it goes a little something like this:



In fact, if the people of Wisconsin have a real issue with the number of gun crimes in their state, they should think about easing the restrictions in place and making it easier for law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.  While, no doubt, some of those firearm related homicides were gang or drug related, some innocent people might have been saved if they had more readily accessible protection.

And finally, criminals aren’t going to follow the law, so shame on the prosecution if they fail to enforce it after criminals break it.

There are tons of solutions to curb crime…none of which have to do with denying the civil liberties of the law abiding and the infringement of the 2nd Amendment.

Wisconsin…don’t follow the gun control’s pied piper down the bloody path…don’t be Maryland.


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