PA Sheriff Offers FREE Optional Firearm Training Class

When it comes to training I find that the majority of gun owners believe in it.  I also find that, like myself, they don’t believe that it should be mandatory.  The First Amendment doesn’t require you to do research into what you are spouting off about, you don’t have to actually KNOW the issues in order to vote etc.  That doesn’t mean you SHOULDN’T, just that the government doesn’t and shouldn’t dictate the terms of which you can exercise your rights.

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania we have no requirements of training in order to purchase or to carry a firearm.  Outside of a background check we have unfettered access to purchasing firearms and for $20 and another background check we can carry concealed.  And we can save the $20 and hassle if we carry openly as that is free so long as we aren’t otherwise prohibited.

Training on how, not only to use a firearm but also which firearm would be best for a neophyte, is some good knowledge to possess.

Montgomery County Sheriff Russell J. Bono agrees and has unveiled a program that begins tonight  (Nov 19th) that takes people through an introduction on firearms and the safe handling of them.

The free, four-hour seminars will be held on a quarterly basis beginning Nov. 19 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the county’s Public Safety Training Campus along Conshohocken Road in Plymouth Township. Attendance will be limited to about 25 people per seminar.

The county has issued about 50,000 permits and each month another 325 new permits are issued and about 275 are renewed.  No doubt in those numbers there are a few people who would benefit from the primer course of gun ownership.

The classes will be taught by certified law enforcement officers led by Deputy Harry Burke, training coordinator for the department. Burke said the lectures will review state laws regarding the carrying of a concealed weapon and the Castle Doctrine, which addresses the right to use force, including deadly force, in self-defense.

Other topics will include: choosing the right weapon, ammunition and holster; proper grip of a weapon; elements of good firing position; sight alignment and trigger control; handgun handling techniques; seven fundamentals of marksmanship; and cleaning and maintenance of a gun.

It is amazing how many gun owners are ignorant about the laws in their own state.  A general working knowledge of the laws concerning firearms is an essential part of gun ownership.  DO NOT take that as my condoning of any infringing law that limits the 2nd Amendment but rather the real world understanding that such laws exist and knowing them empowers you.

Speaking of empowering, as the training officer Deputy Burke states:

“Sometimes we get people coming in with the intention of getting a firearm but they don’t know anything about firearms. This course will actually cover that person that has a lack of experience with firearms.”

If this helps people on the fence about purchasing a firearm because they are afraid take the plunge, all the better.

Also, with regards to that last part of the training, “maintenance of a gun”; it is RIDICULOUS how many people either let their firearms go to rust or shoot their own fingers off while cleaning their gun.  If this free class can give people a heads up on avoiding both, great.

This class obviously isn’t for knowledgeable gun owners but rather for those new to gun ownership.  As Sheriff Bono says:

“Based on what I’ve seen, the number of permits is constantly increasing.  The people we’re trying to target (for the seminar) are those individuals who are new to the proposition of carrying a concealed weapon.”

The thing I like best about that statement is that the number of permits are constantly increasing…meaning that more of my fellow Pennsylvanians are taking an active role in their own self defense which is a great thing.

If you are new to gun ownership and in the area of Montgomery county you can get contact information and details for one of the upcoming classes here: Montco Gun Safety Class

If any of my readers do go and find something about the training misleading or subversively anti 2nd Amendment, please let me know.  I will not support any gun control indoctrination ESPECIALLY when it comes in the form of a Trojan horse.


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