NH Dem Shows True Colors, Vows To Infringe EVERY Right To Thwart Libertarians

In case you are unfamiliar with the Free State Project, it is a socio-political experiment conceived back in 2001 in which Libertarians would pledge to move to a state en masse in order to establish a Libertarian run state government, an example of true Constitutional governance.  The state eventually chosen was New Hampshire and the number of people required being 20,000.

After 13 years, as of October, the number is at 16,174 pledged with another 1,654 “early movers” who took the initiative and moved before the 20K pledges were hit.  In other words 17,828 people have all ready committed.  Organizers of the FSP believe that they will hit their objective and begin the mass migration to the New Hampshire before the 2016 election.

While I love seeing this finally coming to fruition and am really looking forward to what New Hampshire can become, not all from the Granite State seem to share my enthusiasm.

There is a one troll in particular who, like a wicked witch from a Grimm nightmare, vows to thwart the Libertarian arrival before it happens.

This troll:




Her name is Cynthia Chase.  She is a Democrat member of the State Legislature.  By her comments on the issue I would have assumed she was the wet nurse for Kim Jong Il.  You see, Chase doesn’t like the Free Staters and has a plan to derail their imminent arrival.  That plan basically is to turn New Hampshire into North Korea.

From Chases own mouth:

 “What we can do is to make the environment here so unwelcoming that some will choose not to come, and some may actually leave.”

Let that sink in.  Libertarians are the believers of limited government, personal freedom and in general tend to hold the most faith in the Constitution than of any other political idealogy.  And Cynthia Chase wants to destroy ANY remnant of that in New Hampshire in order to thwart the FSP migration.  Not only does she want to stop immigration (oh the irony)  but she want’s to DRIVE OUT New Hampshirites who also believe in freedom and liberty.

How petty and file is this troll?  That she would undercut and sabotage the rights of citizens of an entire state in order for her to secure her own job.  Because I promise you, when the Free Staters arrive they will probably ensure that SHE above all others loses her job first.

But as I think about it, Chase’s depravity goes beyond simply wanting to keep her job.  No, Chase is simply showing her true colors.  Like most from the extreme lunatic liberal left, which consists of the majority of the Democratic party, Chase is simply using the Free State Project as an excuse to pass her ideal state.  Crush the peoples liberty, make them dependent on the state, foster a disdain for freedom and a distrust of self starters.

That is the kind of place that Cynthia Chase wants to turn New Hampshire into.  It is surely a place that Libertarians would not want to live in…but it is also EXACTLY the kind of place that trolls like Chase long to be.  Trolls thrive in dank, miserable, hopeless places.

Chase even has the gall to say this about the Free Staters:

 “the biggest threat the state is facing today”

Her words would be true if she was looking into a mirror talking to herself.  The true threat is from trolls like Cynthia Chase and I wish the Free Staters all the luck in the world in slaying the monsters that lurk in the state of New Hampshire’s legislature.

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