Rookie Cop Shoots Innocent Unarmed Man In the Dark – No Accident

This story is FULL of fail.

In Brooklyn this past Thursday night, a man and his girlfriend were leaving her apartment a little after 11pm to go out for the night.  The elevator wasn’t working so the couple decided to take the stairs down from the 7th floot.  The boyfriend, 28 year old Akai Gurley entered the stairwell first, when his girlfriend followed after him a shot rang out from above and Gurley was shot in the chest.

He and his girlfriend both fled and made it to the 5th floor before Gurley succumb to his wounds.

So, if you didn’t read the title of this article you would probably assume that a stray bullet rang out, a case of wrong place wrong time, or maybe you’d be cynical and think that it was a crime related hit.

It was none of those.  It was a cop who doesn’t have the stones not to just go blasting at things that go bump in the night.  

I don’t care that Officer Peter Liang is a rookie.  If anything, I’m pissed that his partner was ALSO a rookie.  That right there is what we call the blind leading the blind.

Were the two cops in hot pursuit of a violent criminal and Gurley jumped out and surprised them at a intense moment?  No.  These two jokers were conducting a “vertrical patrol” which basically means they were walking a beat inside a building.

Apparently Officer Liang is scared of the dark and because of that Akai Gurley is dead.

That’s not an “accident.”  At best it’s a mistake but it was a choice that Liang made and an innocent man is dead because of it.

I’ll take this moment to remind you that if it were a law abiding citizen who just open fired in the dark of a stairwell in a public building and killed a man they would be facing MURDER charges.  Of course, since this is New York only the cops have guns to “accidentally” kill you, the criminals aren’t accidentally doing anything with their guns they got by ignoring the SAFE Act.

Yet once again, the thin blue line encircles these itchy trigger finger cops with Police Commissioner Bratton saying that Liang suffered from an “accidental discharge.”

If you are a gun owner you know that term is a load of horse crap.

There are no such things as “accidental” discharges.  There are NEGLIGENT discharges but I refute ANY claim by the NYPD that says that Liang’s finger wasn’t on the trigger and the gun just spontaneously shot a round at Gurley.  The notion is ludicrous and insulting.

I don’t know about you, but gunning an innocent man down because you are scared of the dark is a reason to lose your badge if not your freedom.  And the NYPD, assigning two rookie cops who obviously couldn’t handle the task are completely at fault and liable for this tragedy.

Though it is little consolation, I hope the family of Akai Gurley sues the NYPD and city of New York for millions and heads roll for their loss.

As I strain myself to hear from Eric Holder and the other race baiters, the deafening silence is telling.  Since Liang is of Asian decent and not a white guy, I guess they won’t be marching on city hall.  Plus the Obama Administration and De Blasio are buddies so they seem to be willing to throw a bone to De Blasio on this one and give him a pass.

Like I said, the story is full of fail.

Maybe Liang doesn’t deserve to go to jail for a tragic accident…but he does NOT deserve to wear the shield a day longer.  

And that is a lesser penalty than any regular citizen would be fortunate enough to get in New York City.


UPDATE: As one reader pointed out to me on twitter, Gurley was an alleged crack dealer and was arrested over 20 times.  That’s all fine and good but unless he was doing so at the time his past is moot.  Maybe he cleaned himself up, maybe he was walking the straight and narrow, maybe not and he started selling heroin too…it doesn’t matter.  Cops can’t just go shooting at noises in the dark for the hell of it and hope they hit a crack dealer.  They were just as likely to hit a 8 year old kid up late playing hide and seek with his friends.

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