Ranger Jane Coming Down the Pike..Will They Earn It?

As if Demi Moore’s portrayal of a sailor attempting to be the first female SEAL member was a portent for things to come, the US Army is being forced to include women in all combat roles by 2016.  To be honest, as a former soldier I am not against this.  If a woman wants to put her life on the line in order to defend this great country of ours I’m all for it.


that woman is able to maintain the standard.  The lowering of standards just to allow women to pass is not only a disservice to the female soldiers but also endangers lives for the placating of political correctness.  That is something that should be unacceptable.  US Military personnel are all ready hemmed in by rules of engagement that are sewed up by political motivations, no need to compound the difficult job soldiers have to do by added sub par members to their units.

If a female soldier can do the minimum of the standard required of male soldiers I have no problem with them serving in whatever capacity that they so choose.  For once a woman proves that she has the physically ability and skills to fill the role she has earned her place.

But what does that require?  Here is a look at the MINIMUM that is required for Army Rangers to pass:

Ranger PFT Minimum Scores
Push-ups in 2:00 49 in 2:00
Sit-ups in 2:00 59
Pull-ups 6
Two-mile run 15:12
5 Mile run 40:00
16-mile hike w/65lb pack 5 hours 20 minutes
15-meter swim with gear Pass/Fail


Not for not, those aren’t impossible numbers…in fact they are relatively easy.  Relatively easy for a man to pass.  But if a woman can do 49 REAL push-ups and 59 REAL sit-ups in 2 minutes each, as well as do 6 unassisted pull ups then they pass muster.  But to LESSEN those requirements in order to fill some political correct quota about getting women into positions they don’t deserve and are unqualified for is a disservice to everyone who wears the uniform.

Remember, the above chart is the MINIMUM requirement.  The Rangers RECOMMEND the following scores:


Ranger PFT Recommended Scores
Push-ups in 2:00 80
Sit-ups in 2:00 80
Pull-ups 12
Two-mile run Sub 13:00
5 Mile run 35:00
16-mile hike w/65lb pack 4-5 hours
15-meter swim with gear Pass/Fail

Now we are talking.  That right there is some Army strong.

How many women do you know who can do that?  Outside of the Cross Fit games, I don’t know many.  But once again, if they CAN, more power to them.  But if you start having two scales and make the minimum level the recommended level for women people are going to DIE.  That’s not hyperbole, that is politics putting people in positions to fail where that failure leads to dead American bodies.

This is more than just push-ups and sit-ups, Rangers never leave a fellow Ranger behind…so it may come to pass that a female ranger will be required to do this:

never leave a man behind

Lowering the standards will set up a scenario where a female Ranger will be unable to carry another soldier out of harms way.  Lowering the standard now endangers not only those two lives but also all the ones that now have to double back and rescue them.

Here’s a little from the Army top brass via Military.com

The U.S. Army’s top officer said he expects between 70 and 80 women to apply to become the first-ever female students at Ranger School.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno cited the figures on Wednesday during an interview at Atlantic Media’s Defense One conference in Washington, D.C.

When asked how many women will apply to the historically all-male combat training course, Odierno said, “We’re still waiting to see. By December-January, we’ll know the number of women who have asked to actually participate in Ranger School. I expect it will be somewhere around 70 or 80.”

Like the other military services, the Army must open all combat jobs to women by 2016 or seek a waiver and explain why any must remain closed. The Pentagon last year lifted its ban on women serving in such roles, but gave the services time to integrate female troops into male-only front-line positions.

The Army recently picked 31 women — 11 officers and 20 non commissioned officers — to undergo training to become observers and advisers for the course, most of which takes place at Fort Benning, Georgia. The punishing two-month ordeal is designed to train future infantry leaders. More than three dozen women had applied for the positions.

The so-called observer-advisers underwent a week of modified training last week to give them a sense of what the program is like so they can work alongside male instructors and help observe the female students selected for the first-ever co-ed class, known as the Ranger Course Assessment, tentatively scheduled for this spring.

“It’s going very well,” he said. “We still have some final assessments to do. For me, it’s about talent management.

Something that struck my eye: “modified training.”  

I hope that General Odierno was referring to modified training being a shortened compact training period covering everything in a week rather than when the term is used to make things easier like the “modified push up position” where you have your knees on the ground.

Because if it is the latter then it’s not about talent management but rather about PR bullshit and the General should be ashamed to wear the uniform.

Like I said, if women are being held to the same standards as men I welcome their attempt to become Rangers.  Rangers do have a wash out rate of 50% so if a woman can best the standard and actually EARN her position rather than having politicians stack the deck in her favor I would like to see it.

I hope it happens that way, because being PC about it just for a photo op will undermine the Rangers as well as endangering them.


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