Gun Sales ROAR as Black Friday Whimpers

After the initial reports, it seems that Black Friday sales fell below the level they were last year.  That is true for pretty much everything across the board.  Everything EXCEPT firearms.

The irony is pretty amusing if you think about it.  You see, when an economy is sluggish, people have lost faith in the government, and hope for the future is bleak, people do not go out and melt their credit cards on Black Friday.  This is an indictment against the peoples faith in President Obama.

How amusing it is then that the ONE sector that saw an overwhelming increase in growth was the one thing that Obama has hated and sought to undermine since the day he took office; GUNS.

From Liberty Unyielding:

The staggering number of checks — an average of almost three per second, nearly three times the daily average — falls on the shoulders of 600 FBI and contract call center employees who will endure 17-hour workdays in an attempt to complete the background reviews in three business days, as required by law, FBI spokesman Stephen Fischer said.

Indeed, Friday saw the highest number of background checks ever for a Black Friday, and second in history. The highest day on record was December 21, 2012, with more than 177,000 background checks.

“We are averaging three checks per second, The challenge is to have staff keep up with this volume. We do that by limiting personal leave, asking employees to work extra shifts and reutilizing former … employees to serve in NICS during this busy period.”

You can read the entire article here with more in depth view on the sales here: Black Friday sales a bummer, except for this item on Obama’s hit list

Right next to pumpkin pie this delicious delicious irony is a holiday favorite of mine.

Just think about the numbers…three per second.  That’s 180 per minute.  10800 an hour.  295,200 a day.  Over the course of a the weekend, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday over a million guns will have been sold and a good chunk of thanks goes to the firearm salesman of the decade, Barack Hussein Obama.

See…he’s good for something!

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