Armed Black Men Gather In Ferguson…To PROTECT White Business Owner

A group of black men, armed with so called “assault rifles” came together to protect a white owned business.

Somewhere a liberal race baiting gun hater just read that and their head exploded.

This is a story that you won’t hear trumpeted by the left wing media because it goes against their narrative and everything that they have spewed out recently.

First and foremost, despite all the race baiting done by the Obama administration, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and others the people of Ferguson were not some nameless mob of angry black people looking for “justice.”  There were a great many who armed up in order to defend themselves and their property from out of town agitators who were looking for mayhem regardless of who would suffer.

Queue to a gas station/convenient store owned by Doug Merello.  Merello happens to be white and since that has made you a target by the mob in Ferguson his station was a target of vandals and thugs.  The danger compounded by the fact that his business sits on a combustible powder keg that could literally blow up if it was overrun.  A number of businesses that didn’t sit on tanks of gasoline had all ready found out how indiscriminate fire can be.

Yet Merello’s business remained whole.  It was not vandalized, not ransacked, not torched and not robbed.

Was it luck?

No.  It was people doing the right thing.  In this case those people happened to be Derrick Johnson and his friends.

Johnson, a 6 foot 8 inch tall black man came to Merello’s aid because he feared that the mob might turn his attention to the gas station.  Of course, one man against a mob will easily be overrun no matter how big they are.  So when “Stretch” as Johnson’s friends call him, rolled up in his pickup truck he didn’t just get out and hope for the best, he pulled out his AR-15 and made sure the mob got the point that this business would stand.

Johnson was aided in his defense of Merello by several other Ferguson residents, including RJ who carried a Taurus 9mm and Sean Turner who carried .40.  Once again, all three were black men defending a white store owner.

Why?  Because unlike the mob who had been so bamboozled by the race politics run amok over the past view years, Johnson, RJ and Turner saw past color and recognized that a good man could lose everything.

Over the years Merello had employed several of them over the years and even when not in his employ Merello treated the area residents with respect.

RJ has spoken to this saying: “He’s a nice dude, he’s helped us a lot.”  RJ, 29, like the other volunteers have lived around the store for their entire life and have known Merello since his father bought the store in 1984.

And do not think Merello does not understand what the community did for him either.  He is fully aware and appreciative of the efforts by Johnson and company stating:

“We would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren’t for them.”

Well…that’s only HALF right.  If not for them AND the firearms they were carrying.  Remember, this isn’t Sparta at Thermopylae, a few guys standing unarmed against a mob aren’t going to last to long.  But even a mob turns coward when staring down the barrels of guns held by men ready to use them.

On Monday, the group was still chasing off groups of opportunistic ne’er do wells rampaging through the area.

How fortunate then that Missouri recently passed a law, that went into effect on October 11th 2014, overriding any local ordinance that banned the open carrying of firearms.

Gun rights in action saving the day.  Racial division evaporating.  Armed citizens utilizing the 2nd Amendment as it was intended.  Yeah…shocker the mainstream media didn’t pick up this story.  To them, such things never happen.  Fortunately for Merello and the people who depend on his business, the mainstream media is wrong once again.

Too bad there weren’t more people like Derrick Johnson, RJ and Turner because a number of businesses weren’t so fortunate.  I guess they were just waiting on the government to come in and protect them.  You no doubt heard how well THAT worked:

QuikTrip burned

A gas station that wasn’t as fortunate to have anyone defending them against the mob.

Not to wax philosophical at this point, but Johnson and company didn’t HAVE to defend Merello and his store, no one paid them.  They volunteered because of the respect that Merello had shown them over the years, the community that was built around the store and the mutual kinship that neighbors share.

I guess what I am saying is be good to your neighbors and each other because it is the right thing to do.  But if all hell happens to break loose and those in the community come to your aid…well, that’s nice too.


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