Defenders of Ferguson Threatened By Feds At Gunpoint

Ronald Reagan famously once said: “Government is not the solution to our problem…government is the problem.”

I am therefore not surprised that white Oath Keepers were trying to keep the city of Ferguson from burning to the ground by protecting stores and property from being torched by out of town agitators and race baitors, the Obama administration mobilized the feds to shut it down.  I guess having armed citizens doing the job of keeping people safe was making the government look bad.

From Liberty Unyielding:

After a horrific night of arson, vandalism, and looting in Ferguson, Mo. last week following a grand jury decision, members of a militia calling itself the Oath Keepers have been arriving to guard over the persons and property the local police are unable to protect.

The city initially welcomed the group’s assistance, but as word of their presence spread, state and federal politicians allegedly began pushing the city of Ferguson to threaten the Oath Keepers with arrest.

One image that became symbolic of the rioting’s human toll was this one of Natalie Dubose, snapped as she surveyed the damage to her store, Natalie’s Cakes & More. It was taken after the first night of violence.

Natalie DuBose

Dubose later posted a photo taken after the Oath Keeper’s arrival to her shop’s Facebook page. The Oath Keepers’ founder, Stewart Rhodes, offered additional information and tweeted it to his account:

ferguson baker

Although Dubose is visibly pleased, the constabulary isn’t.

Read the entire article for more details and photos at Feds threaten Oath Keepers, allegedly at gunpoint, for protecting Ferguson businesses

The article at Liberty Unyielding goes into detail about the trumped up justification the feds had for threatening the oath keepers.

I just want to point out something else.  The government CAN’T protect everyone and even if they could would you really want them too?  The people must keep the balance of power in their control lest we really turn into a nation written about in sci-fi horror like 1984.

On a side note, all these “Rioters for Justice” who were so outraged by the justified shooting of convenient store robber Michael Brown, were truly blind to race when they were burning down Natalie DuBose’s business as well as other minority owned establishments.  Once again proving that there was no justice in the minds of this rioting rabble.

If you need a pick me up after all this BS check out this story from Ferguson that the mainstream media is keeping quiet about because it doesn’t fit into their narrative:

Armed Black Men Gather In Ferguson…To PROTECT White Business Owner

Both of these stories have a running theme.  That good people with guns are coming together to help those who need them regardless of race.

No wonder the Obama administration sent in the jackboots to stop/execute?  the Oath Keepers; can’t have a nation where guns and racial harmony exists, liberals would lose all their power.


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