Girls Just Wanna Have Guns – A Documentary By Regis Giles

I first met Regis Giles while I was working as the Director of Media Relations with Gun Owners of America back in 2012.  To say that I have followed her career and rise as a leader in the 2nd Amendment movement and a strong female voice for the right to defend oneself against rapists and all forms of tyranny would be an understatement.  Regis, in fact, is the reason I joined up with the Liberty Alliance because a group that would count her in their number is a group that I want to be a part of.

Regis takes the “Bullets First” mindset and runs with it full bore.  War on women?  To that Regis states that if you want to empower a woman, give her a gun.  I’ve no doubt a would be rapist looking down at the barrel of a .45 is more likely to soil themselves then do anything untoward.  To quote her fully:

“If you want to empower a woman, give her a gun.  The confidence from learning to shooting a pistol is far superior than anything you could ever imagine.  And certainly better than any gender studies course taught in college.”

It is no surprise to me then that Regis is taking her passion and is making a film to combat the lies, misstatement of facts and twisted statistics that gun grabbers like Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts spew forth.  Lies that are then regurgitated by their complicit co-conspirators in the lamestream media.  In the following clip, Regis goes into what the facts are and what she is trying to do:

With her drive and dedication to the cause I’ve no doubt this is a film that will be well worth watching.  I’ve always been a big supporter of shattering the gun control zealots false stereotype narrative that claims gun owners are just a bunch of old fat white guys clinging to their guns.

The reality is that girls like Regis Giles are out there…and their numbers are growing.  Empowering women through superior firepower.

If you want more information about the movie it can be found here: Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

And if you can, lend your support.

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