Tactical Christmas Stocking For The Gun Lover In Your Family

I like to wait until my Thanksgiving dinner is fully digested before I start thinking about Christmas shopping.  So no, you will not see me fight tooth and claw with a herd of wild animals on Black Friday, and ESPECIALLY not on Thursday night.  In fact I put the notion out of my mind completely until now or else I would have written about this item sooner.

The NRA has up armored the traditional Christmas stocking and is selling it online for $25.

I have to admit, while my naysayers may think I live in a bunker with camoflauge netting and sleep upon a pile of sandbags, the reality is that I don’t go for the “tactical everything in my life look.”  Because of that, I can see something like this and appreciate it’s kitschy coolness.


I mean, who WOULDN’T want a desert tan, tactical black or olive drab green Christmas stocking?

I like the black one personally, it makes it feel like Santa’s a ninja.  When, if you think about it makes sense, he comes sneaking into your house from impossible angles without waking a single person and then in a puff of smoke, disappears with his mission being fulfilled.

I mean seriously…how far removed are candy canes from ninja kama’s?


And don’t get me started about  the Christmas carol “Santa Claus is coming to town”…i mean COME ON.  “You better watch out?” What is that?

Ok, i’ve digressed far enough.  If you want to read more on how Santa is a ninja assassin read this article I wrote last year:  Sung in a different tone “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” gets ominous

Other than that have a Merry Christmas and let’s not get so caught up in the present buying frenzy that we forget what the reason for the season.


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